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Update On The Slaughter Trade – September 2018

Part 1 – American Businesses Trump Canadian Values In 2003 Schorno-Agri Business of Yelm Washington purchased the Summerview feedlot in Brocket Alberta. This feedlot has been profiled many times by many groups.  Around 2016 Schorno sold the feedlot to the Livingstone Hutterite Colony who assured advocates that they would not be using the feedlot to […]

Hormone Therapy Usage in Decline

In the past, Dr. Martin Appelt of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency promoted the  deadly Premarin®/Prempro® industry whilst referring to menopause as a “disease”  that requires treatment (apparently,  with Premarin®).  But as we know,  the opinions and views of the CFIA are often in direct antipathy with acknowledged science. The Women’s Health Initiative was a long-term national health studied that […]

New Informational HRT Handout For Physicians From Dr. Ray Kellosalmi

Printable PDF version available here. May 10, 2015 Dear Colleague, If you prescribe hormones for menopausal hot flashes please take a minute to read this information. I am a recently retired physician with extensive experience in this practise area for 37 years. I am not getting paid to write this nor have I any connection […]

Is anyone home at the CFIA?

We have received several reports that the CFIA is not returning phone calls and is sending out a generic auto response email in regards to recent concerns brought forth over horses being live shipped to Japan for slaughter. Questions are not being answered – the CFIA is, yet again, not taking responsibility for their actions. […]

Get your freak on – Horsemeat restaurants and the companies that should sponsor them

from Heather Clemenceau… As an Anglophone Canadian,  it`s sometimes second nature to make fun of the French.  No offense intended to my actual French-Canadian friends though.  It has  also become somewhat second nature for me to make fun of hipster celebrity chefs who not only make endorsements for eating horse in particular,  but also promote […]

EWA Press Release – June 19, 2011

EWA Press Release    June 19, 2011  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contacts:  John Holland 540-268-5693 Vicki Tobin 630.961.9292  “Unwanted Horse” Producer Pfizer Sponsors Teleconference to Promote Compromised GAO Report  Chicago (EWA) – A long overdue Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the effect of closing theUShorse slaughter plants is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June […]

For the Love of our Horses

For The Love Of Our Horses by Tessa Aliece on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 2:20pm When I hear stories about horses that lost their lives to the hands of humans at slaughter plants, my faith in humanity vanishes.  When I browse Craigslist and see all the free horses, the horses that are young, broke […]

Their Last Ride

Even though this essay is from many years ago these dismal journeys continue today. While you’re reading this horses could be passing by your town on their last ride to an inhumane and cruel death.  If you’re lucky enough to be owned by a horse, go to them, whisper into that soft, warm neck and […]

Hormone Therapy Worsens Breast Cancer, Study Finds By DENISE GRADY Published: October 19, 2010 Hormone treatment after menopause, already known to increase the risk of         breast cancer, also makes it more likely that the cancer will be advanced and deadly, researchers are reporting. The treatment studied was the most commonly prescribed hormone replacement pill, Prempro, which contains […]

TRACS has a Horse Protection Initiatives Program

The Responsible Animal Care Society has a Horse Protection Initiatives program: Horse Protection Overview  Thanks to a generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation, TRACS has launched a project that will assist in raising awareness about the plight of equines in our country and will promote the adoption of horses to good homes. According to […]