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CHDC Releases New ATI Documents – USDA Owner/Shipper Records – July – August 2017, For US Horses Imported To Canada

    Following the receipt of Access to Information documents regarding horses transported to Canada for slaughter from July 1 to August 31, 2017, a Freedom of Information Act request was made seeking corresponding USDA Owner/Shipper forms.  The FOIA records disclose much more than the Canadian counterpart and include descriptions of each horse, including tag […]

Crown Attorney Recognizes a Horse As An Innocent Victim Of Doping: Then What About Slaughter?

The Windsor Star has reported that disgraced horse trainer Derek Riesberry was fined $3,750 on Friday April 8, 2016 after having been found guilty of injecting a racehorse with performance-enhancing drugs and attempting to inject another one with the same in 2010.  In addition, the crown attorney Brian Manarin ensured that the case was criminally […]

Equine Therapy Programs Continue To Offer Second Careers For Horses

Horse facilitated programs to aid persons with PTSD and other physical or mental health initiatives are on the increase. The people and groups that offer these services are proving that horses can utilize a second career without being considered “useless” after their first career is over. Support is provided to participants using the interaction with […]

Book Review: Saving Baby – Jo Anne Normile

Jo Anne Normile is a co-founder and current president of the Saving Baby Equine Charity.  In her memoir, Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption, the horse lover and activist fights for the humane treatment of ex-racehorses. “Compelled by the idea of owning a thoroughbred, Normile acquires ‘Baby” from […]

Ontario Racing Commission Calls For Working Group To Address Standardbred Shortage After Devastation of Industry

From the Ontario Racing Commission website, we noticed that the “Horse Improvement Program” is seeking volunteers to “address the declining horse supply for the 2017 Standardbred Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Program.“ There appears to be a decline in the Standardbred horse supply due largely to the cancellation of the controversial 2012 slots revenue-sharing program at […]

Announcing…LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society Fundraiser

Please join LongRun on August 15th for a western-themed fundraiser trackside at Woodbine.  Sponsorship opportunities available as well! LongRun is one of the first adoption and placement programs for thoroughbred racehorses in Ontario.  LongRun believes that thoroughbred racehorses deserve a dignified retirement. They aim to offer an alternative to owners and trainers – rather than […]

Residual Ractopamine Now Being Found in Some Horse Feeds

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) issued a memorandum to the horse racing industry late Friday warning of the drug ractopamine appearing in feedstuffs. Ractopamine is a drug used as a feed additive to promote leanness in animals raised for meat.  It is the active ingredient in products known commercially as Paylean for swine and Optaflexx […]

In The News: Horseracing Wrongs

Sad news in the discipline of horse racing: Monzante, a former Grade 1 winner and half million dollar lifetime earner, is dead after breaking down at Louisiana’s Evangeline Downs on July 20th. He was nine. A onetime celebrated champion, the gelding, “talent” eroding, had descended to the lowest rung of competition, the decidedly unglamorous claiming […]

Opinion Blog – A Response to No Government Response

The Silence is Deafening by Shelley Grainger Why is it when the Canadian government and horse agriculture (ie. slaughter) industry is called upon for answers, their silence is the only thing heard? When presented with evidence of lies, deceit and corruption, as brought forward in the Toronto Star’s March 30th Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to […]

CHDC Reposts “Proof of CFIA Failure”, Phenylbutazone Positive Horse Sent to Slaughter and Through the Food Chain

As the world, and especially the horse world, watches as the horsemeat scandal unfolds in Europe and the U.K., the CHDC is reposting “Proof of CFIA Failure“, the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned due to […]