By now most of us have heard about the tragic situation at an Ontario rescue.  Here are a few of the media reports. Global TV             From the Peterborough Examiner.                   CHEX TV                 Comments […]

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The CHDC is happy to report that in 2016 the number of horses slaughtered in Canada has decreased significantly over last year and greatly over past years. While year-end 2015 numbers were up slightly over 2014, at May’s year-to-date, 2016 is down 17.1% over 2015. Comparing numbers from 2008, when horse slaughter was at its […]


Please go here to add your name to the petition and to view the new footage.

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Please note that the survey has been updated! Would you like to see a new kind of national Canadian equine organization formed that takes a firm anti-slaughter stand while providing insurance coverage, business opportunities and other advantages for its members?  Take the survey!


ALERT! Since 2012 the CHDC and our supporters have been doing everything possible to hold the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) accountable for violating their own regulations under the Health of Animals Act.  In spite of public outrage, large draft horses continue to be shipped from Canada to Japan for slaughter.  It is common practice […]

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Three articles have recently appeared in the news concerning a movie being filmed in Alberta – “The Solutrean.”  The movie is currently under investigation by the American Humane Association,  the organization which allows the use of the disclaimer “no animals were harmed” in the credits of movies featuring animal actors. Please refer to articles from […]


The original article is written in French.  Translated into English. Horse In Beef Patties at La Maison du Rôti PUBLISHED WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016 EXCLUSIVE – Can you be certain of what you get when you buy a beef patty? Apparently not. Radio-Canada conducted a test at La maison du rôti, a butcher in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. DNA tests reveal that […]


  Sila Productions film, Kill Pen, has been released for download only at this time.  This film gives an excellent backgrounder into the horse slaughter trade in the U.S. where horses are regularly shipped to Canada for slaughter. The film interviews well-known equine advocates as well as those who support horse slaughter. This film is […]

Source: Bob Kingston, head of Canada’s Agriculture Union, is saying a senior CFIA official misled a parliamentary committee about inspection levels in federal meat plants. ‘’a union survey of 580 CFIA employees in March found 55 % of respondents saw the current number of inspectors as being “inadequate to ensure compliance with food safety requirements,” with […]


The CHDC fully endorses the position the Vancouver Humane Society  has stated in their article ‘Why is animal lover Jann Arden promoting the Calgary Stampede?’ written by Peter Fricker on June 10, 2016. Ms. Arden, along with Canadian singer Paul Brandt, were chosen as joint Parade Marshals for the 2016 Calgary Stampede parade on July […]


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