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Further to the issue of the CFIA targeting a compassionate horse rescuer who followed logical instincts regarding animal welfare, we are now in possession of the letter that the agency sent to Theresa Nolet.  For legal reasons, names of individuals have been blacked out, but it is easy to see how the issue has been […]


There has been an update:  “Quick update, hail bop is now at panorama vet clinic in winfield bc, the Old Friends Canada crew went and picked him up today, he was awesome. if people would like to contribute they can do so in either of two ways direct to the vet clinic – for vet […]

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Theresa Nolet is renowned for her tireless horse rescue efforts in the area of Penticton, B.C.  A Good Samaritan for animals, she rehabilitates and cares for horses on her own property.  Some of the horses she has looked after have wandered into her yard from First Nations properties.  She has fed, groomed, and given necessary […]

wild horses

Medicine given to free-roaming horses made them unfit for human consumption By Brady Strachan, CBC News Posted: Jan 29, 2016 4:05 PM PT Last Updated: Jan 29, 2016 4:13 PM PT The RCMP in Penticton is investigating horse rescuer Theresa Nolet after she allegedly gave medication to free-roaming horses, which made at least one of the animals unfit […]


Do you want to reach out to horse people in your community about saving horses from slaughter? If so, we’ve created a new communication tool that helps open the dialogue – a handy postcard that encapsulates the issues and encourages others to find out more and get involved. While the CHDC works behind the scenes […]


Feral horses near Oliver rounded up for sale, slaughter Urgent Alert! Please phone Chief Clarence Louie, Osoyoos Indian Band, toll-free number 1-888-498-3444 or 250-498-3444 ext 112, and ask for his immediate intervention to prevent the feral horses concerned from being sold to slaughter. Also please alert the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that any horses entering […]


In an article posted by Animal Justice, they tell us that “Canada’s new agriculture minister has announced his chief of staff: Mary Jean McFall, whose family owns one of Canada’s largest egg producers—Burnbrae Farms—and who used to serve as a board member of Egg Farmers of Ontario.” …….”Burnbrae has been under fire from animal protection […]

US horse in kill box - Les Viandes de la Petit Nations 2011

Updated statistics to December 2015 The final numbers for horses slaughtered in Canada have come in and can be viewed here.  For 2015 67,894 horses met a grisly end in Canadian slaughterplants.  That’s a 1.6% increase over 2014. The stats showing the number of US horses brought to Canada for slaughter are not available at […]


In the past, Dr. Martin Appelt of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency promoted the  deadly Premarin®/Prempro® industry whilst referring to menopause as a “disease”  that requires treatment (apparently,  with Premarin®).  But as we know,  the opinions and views of the CFIA are often in direct antipathy with acknowledged science. The Women’s Health Initiative was a long-term national health studied that […]


As we move forward into 2016,  the CHDC is posting an updated flyer for you, our supporters, to print out and distribute at your convenience.   We have numerous initiatives planned for 2016 and hope that you will join us in taking progressive steps to advocate for the horses.  There is every reason to believe that […]


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