Hope with Art and CHDC present “Chestnut”

Hi Friends and Supporters,

HWA logoWith Christmas fast approaching why not purchase a beautiful equine-themed print from our fundraising partner Hope with Art Inc.

Each month, we are featuring a different image at a special pricing for a limited time. The value is exceptional, they include free shipping in Canada, and our organization benefits financially with every purchase that you make on behalf of the CHDC. These have been selected with our supporters in mind however their site offers hundreds of great reproductions and you can help us through the purchase of any selection at any time.

This month’s feature is “Chestnut” painted by Paul Miners. 20151002130526_chestnut

It has been printed on canvas, stretched and UV protected with dimensions of 26” x 38”. It has been set in a 2” gallery-style stretcher, finished with a 2” “mirror wrap” on the edges. The special pricing of only $240.00 + HST runs to Dec.22/15.

Paul Miners has a nice selection of equine-themed prints.

To purchase: click here and follow the instructions!

Complete the purchase on line or call, and be sure to designate the CHDC.

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They’re here!

Order your CHDC 2016 calendars in time for Christmas and the New Year!


Show your advocacy for our horses by ordering your CHDC calendar for only $21.99 including shipping and handling.  Only $19.99 each if you order 5 or more!

All photos are professional quality and submitted by CHDC supporters.

We want to thank everyone who submitted a picture – it was difficult to choose!  The photos selected are from:

Ken McLeod
Robin Burkimsher
Debby Murtagh
Kendra Vandervelde
Kim Clayton
Patti Thomson
Cher Clews
Laura Curley

Please submit your orders to info@defendhorsescanada.org with the following information:

Method of payment (Cheque or Paypal)

Once payment is received, your calendar(s) will be shipped.  Please use the MAKE A DONATION link on the blog’s home page.

Any questions, please contact info@defendhorsescanada.org

Thank you!

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More good news from Europe

l 143Several years ago the CHDC was pleased to assist Tierschutzbund Zurich (TZ) and Animals Angels (AA) in locating the hidden Alberta feedlots belonging to Bouvry Exports.  This helped enable TZ & AA to further expose the horrific conditions in Canadian feedlots.

We have received the following news from TZ this week:

“We have great news from Switzerland: GVFI International, the largest Swiss importer of horsemeat, has announced that they will stop all horsemeat imports from overseas before the end of the year.

In GVFI’s communication to their customers, they say that because of irregularities in the traceability of horses that had been slaughtered in Uruguay, they have decided to only import meat of horses whose traceability is guaranteed by a microchip and equine passport, which is the case in Switzerland and the EU.

The GVFI was not willing to explain to the media what irregularities happened, but we think that the smuggling of horses from Brazil, which we informed them about, and the slaughter of mares from PMSG farms were decisive factors.

 Attached you will find the customer information of the GVFI as well as an article that appeared in the Swiss newspaper “Tagesanzeiger” on the 7th November. This morning, there was a radio report including an interview with our board member York Ditfurth

Bouvry and the large EU import companies now lose an important customer. GVFI was a main player in the international trade with horsemeat and was supplied by Equinox Belgium (Lamar – Argentina), S.N.V.C./Groupe Harinordoquy France (Clay – Uruguay), Bouvry (Alberta and Québec) and maybe others.

We will keep up the pressure on the EU Commission to ban all horsemeat imports from overseas.”

Further information can be found here.



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CHDC lays a wreath at The Animals in War Dedication Monument in Ottawa

Today, a wreath was laid at The Animals in War Dedication Monument in Ottawa, in remembrance of all equines who have served during wartime.


The CHDC joins all people in remembering the sacrifices made by the thousands of horses, mules and donkeys who gave their lives for our war efforts.

The CHDC would like to thank Evangeline Flowers in Ottawa for creating and laying the wreath.


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They Also Served

As we honour the fallen on November 11, let us also remember and honour the millions of horses and mules who gave their lives in wars across the globe. The CHDC has put together this poignant Remembrance Day video for the horses.  This is best viewed in full-screen.  Thank you for watching and remembering.

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First Love

Hi Friends and Supporters,


First Love by Victoria Schultz

With Christmas coming up soon (!) we are continuing with our newest fundraising initiative and are pleased to offer another beautifully framed print for sale, with the welcome assistance of Hope with Art Inc.

Each month we are featuring a different image at  special pricing for a limited time.  The value is exceptional and includes free shipping in Canada.   With every purchase that you make on behalf of the CHDC you’re helping us to help horses.

These prints have been selected with you, our supporters, in mind.  Hope with Art offers hundreds of great reproductions showing various subjects and you can help us through the purchase of any selection at any time.

This month’s feature is the beautiful “First Love” painted by Victoria Schultz. It has been printed on canvas, stretched and UV protected and set in a 2” floater frame with dimensions of 26” x 38”. The special pricing of only $240.00 + HST runs to Nov.22/15.

To purchase: Please click here  and complete the purchase on line or call, and be sure to designate the CHDC.

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The Dawson Creek Horse Auction – A Supporter’s First-Person Account

auction horses

Dolly and Crumpet at the Dawson’s Creek Auction

Hubby and I had been thinking about finding a new mare since the passing of our 37 year old a few months ago. Our senior Percheron draft horses were looking a bit down, and after reading Joe Camp’s book – The Soul of a Horse – I was thinking that the herd might be happier with a mare. I heard about the Dawson Creek Auction – and thought I would join the Facebook site which had formed a few days before.

I called the Auction house on the Friday before and found out that I could bid through a “fieldman” that they only took cash or cheque, and that the hauler could pay that at the time they picked up. The girl in the office also assured me that I could board there for $4.00/day. She took down my name and number and said she would assign a fieldman to me. One girl from the Facebook site said that she would drive to the auction and take photos to post with hip numbers so that others could bid them.

auction horses2

Meet ‘n’ Greet – Dolly and Crumpet meet the other residents

The next day she started to post photos and I took one look at the Palomino mare and her 3 month old foal and that was it – that had to be my new horse. I didn’t know at the time that she was pregnant. I called the Auction house again and they assured me that Ron was my fieldman, he had my number, and he would call me – but he never called.   What Ron did do was pass my cell number on to a random rancher at the auction who kept calling me about selling his horse! I finally insisted that Ron call me, and when he called he told me that I lived too far away. He refused to take my bid because I couldn’t keep any horses boarded there since cows were coming in – and also said that I had no way to pay. I went back to the Facebook page and posted “I failed – I give up” – in a moment I got a private message from a gal at the auction – she said “e-transfer me your highest bid and I’ll do what I can” – the next message I received said “Got the mare $450” – and then a pause – I could not breathe – then I saw “got the baby $300” and then I just started to bawl – another message right after said “I think she’s pregnant” – I kept breaking into tears for about a week, and I don’t even know if it was because I was so happy to have won the bid, or if I’m so affected by the injustice and horror that I had to witness. Other people were posting and posting that no one would help them.  One gal was posting that the auctioneer was just ignoring her bids and staring at the kill buyer. Others were stating that the auctioneer was just mumbling the numbers and then waving them through to the kill buyers.  People were desperately trying to buy babies and others from the kill buyer the following day, but he said the paperwork had been done. I was told that 80% of those 770 horses went to the kill buyer.

The next day someone posted a picture of the horses which were shipped, and I just kept bursting into tears at various times throughout the day, especially about a Palomino mare with braids in her hair.  I don’t usually cry, but I’ve been an absolute mess since this experience.  I lucked out to find an amazing hauler in Doug Nord, who brought them as far as Abbotsford.   The second haul was then done by Trish at Crofton Transport – another awesome company to deal with.

The mare’s name is Dolly.   She is 8 yrs old and her foal is now named Crumpet – 3 mos. auction horses3old. Dolly is due again in June/July. It was a nasty situation to think of what may have been, as we witnessed pregnant mares and foals bid on and taken by the kill buyers.   The good that arose from the dust was that in one single day I got to know more people that I admire and respect, than I’ve been able to meet in a while.   The gal who bid for me, the gal who boarded them for me, the people who hauled for me, and my horses’ ride-share buddy Elmer the Clydesdale, and his owner.

When they arrived, I learned that they were not touchable. I had heard they were “shy.” I think they may have been on a range – possibly in a herd of 100 horses and among some 65 brood mares. Luckily for me they don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. As they say – “the teacher will arrive when the student is ready” – and like magic I met Liberty Horse Trainer Heather Nelson.

In the short three weeks they have been here I am already able to brush both horses head to tail – we’re ready for halters now… I’m so proud of them both. They may be carrying something from the past and I’m definitely trying to project into the future, but the liberty training brings us all into the present moment.   I have no question that it was just meant to be.

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