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MP Alexandra Mendes is sponsoring a petition to amend the transport regulations under the Health of Animals Act to bring Canada’s regulations pertaining to animals in transit   There is a link at the bottom of the wording of the petition that will take you to the petition.  Please sign.  Thank you.   Petition to […]


A U of BC student has created this video featuring well-known equine advocate Theresa Nolet from O.A.T.S Horse Rescue.  


On Saturday April 23, 2016 another vigil for slaughter-bound horses was held  across the road from the Bouvry Exports Calgary horse slaughter plant in Fort Macleod Alberta. Despite the low turnout, the equine advocates came to raise awareness for the slaughter-bound horses in the holding pens behind them across the road. As this photo below shows, in […]


We’ve uploaded a revised flyer with the Canadian slaughter stats up to and including 2015.  In 2015 Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada reports that 67,894 horses were slaughtered in Canada.  Of those, 65.4% were from the U.S.  This number is up by 5% over 2014. We also have an auction flyer that you may wish to […]

US horses at Bouvry plant during their last moments in the sun

On Saturday April 23, 2016 at 1PM there will be a vigil at the Bouvry Horse Slaughter Plant on Highway 3, Fort MacLeod, Alberta from 1-3 p.m. this Saturday.  Everyone is welcome.  Please click here for details.     Anita Virginillo of Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort wrote the following piece about horse slaughter and this Saturday’s […]

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From horse defender Charlotte Uhrich: We have very exciting news to share with you all.  We have found our Champion for this cause.  We feel this Member of Parliament is the person to get this job done here in Canada. Please give a big thanks to Debby Murtagh and Melissa Monteith. We all worked very close […]


A movement is growing in Canada and the US.  It’s called Hang a Halter.  Here’s a beautiful video on it. This is a tribute to all equines who have lost their lives to the slaughter pipeline and to those who will lose theirs and to all the horse warriors out there fighting hard to end horse […]


An advocate for horses wrote this and asked us to publish it: I stopped by a kill-buyer’s feedlot in Ontario the other day.  I saw horses standing in the drizzling rain on concrete, with hay and water.  I could smell the sickening sweet stench of silage from the cattle in the next paddock. A thin […]


The Windsor Star has reported that disgraced horse trainer Derek Riesberry was fined $3,750 on Friday April 8, 2016 after having been found guilty of injecting a racehorse with performance-enhancing drugs and attempting to inject another one with the same in 2010.  In addition, the crown attorney Brian Manarin ensured that the case was criminally […]


Our good friend and staunch Horse Warrior, Allen Warren, needs our help!  Due to far too much rain his rescue’s paddocks have flooded. Please go here to see how you can help Allen and his horses rebuild.  


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