The CHDC’s Eastern Region Director, Shelley Grainger, has created E-petition e-116, for citizens of Canada to call upon the House of Commons in Parliament to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act, thus prohibiting the importation or exportation of horses for slaughter for human consumption, as well as horse meat products […]


On Saturday and Sunday, August 20th -21st, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary held their 2nd summer festival in order that the public could be entertained and acquainted with them.  Dog Tales, a not-for-profit rescue, sits on fifty acres in the rolling landscape of King City, Ontario and is the dream of owners, husband and wife […]


The CHDC is releasing this footage that reveals new information about the final destination for the live draft horses who are shipped to Japan for human consumption.    

More than doggies!

If you’re in the King City Ontario region this weekend, please come out to visit the CHDC booth at the Dog Tales Festival. The Dog Tales Festival is an opportunity for friends and families of all ages to celebrate rescue animals with a fun weekend filled with live entertainment, animal-related vendor booths, a beautiful backdrop […]


Pennsylvania Equestrian Suzanne Bush – August 2016 In 2014, after years of pressure from Europe’s Humane Society International (HSI), the European Union banned the import of horse meat shipped from Mexican abattoirs. Dr. Joanna Swabe, the HSI/Europe Executive Director, says that her organization finally convinced European Commissioners that conditions in the Mexican abattoirs were problematic […]


Refuge RR’s situation turned from bad to disastrous when they were told recently the barn where hay was kept by the hay dealer for their 75 horses burnt down. The spring draught made hay scarcer than ever. They are now not only faced with a rocketing increase in hay price, but have to search further […]

Atlas Air Boeing 747 47 UF

August 29th is an International Day of action against the live export trade. It marks the 20th anniversary of the biggest disaster in live export, when 67,488 sheep drowned or burned to death when the shipping vessel MV Uniceb burst into flames. Animals are not freight. Suffering is inherent in all long distance transport, and […]


By now most of us have heard about the tragic situation at an Ontario rescue.  Here are a few of the media reports. Global TV             From the Peterborough Examiner.                   CHEX TV                 Comments […]

3 horses

The CHDC is happy to report that in 2016 the number of horses slaughtered in Canada has decreased significantly over last year and greatly over past years. While year-end 2015 numbers were up slightly over 2014, at May’s year-to-date, 2016 is down 17.1% over 2015. Comparing numbers from 2008, when horse slaughter was at its […]


Please go here to add your name to the petition and to view the new footage.


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