The Horse Sanctuary Fundraiser and Open House – October 3-4

The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm, Coldwater, ON

Fall Fundraiser and Open House – October 3-4

little guy 3

“Little Guy” – sadly euthanized

Located north-west of Orillia, Ontario, The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm (formerly named Horseplay Sanctuary) is a registered non-profit charity with a mandate to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train and re-home horses at risk.  Founders Lillian Tepera and Robert Timlin have been offering therapeutic riding since 2007, delivering over 3,000 hours of memorable horse experiences to children and adults with special needs.  The volunteer run rescue has found homes for 10 horses, with more now ready and waiting for their new forever homes.

The Horse Sanctuary’s rescue herd has 20 horses, with some participating in the therapeutic riding program.  Clients include individuals with disabilities, and women and children who are victims of violence, escaping abusive relationships.  Also children grieving the death of a family member, and youth facing challenges or at risk of dropping out of school benefit from the opportunity to interact with horses at The Horse Sanctuary. Close community partnerships and a dedicated group of volunteers make the work possible, often at no cost to the participants.

mare 1

One of Akbary’s broodmares when she arrived at the farm

Lillian says about the horse rescue, “We have 2 four-year-old Thoroughbred mares that were part of the Hooman Akbary herd which was auctioned off in 2014. They were just halter broke and very skinny when they got here, but they’re fat and shiny now, and going nicely under saddle.”  Both mares are now available for adoption to the right home.

The Horse Sanctuary bought 9 of Akbary’s herd. Two have found new homes, one old and injured one will be staying at The Horse Sanctuary, 3 youngsters are starting their training, and one foal had a massive umbilical hernia that had been left untreated and had to be humanely euthanized the same weekend he arrived.  “It’s very tough going sometimes, but the rewards of helping these horses in need is well worth the heartache and hard work” says Lillian.

Open House and Lottery

Keeping a herd of 20 horses fed and healthy, with regular farrier and vet care, means a mountain of bills, only a small portion of which is covered by the fees charged for therapeutic riding lessons and by adoption fees. Fund raising is needed to make up the difference.

Tia 05032

“Tia” is one of the 4-year-olds now available for adoption

The Horse Sanctuary is holding its annual major fund raiser for the year, to be held during the weekend of October 3-4.  A lottery will be held, with the chance to win some amazing prizes, including a luxurious 5-person Hydropool Hot Tub donated by Wavemaker Pool Spa Showroom in Orillia.

Other prizes include a 39” Panasonic  smart TV donated by Fast Forward Audio Video in Midland, weekend passes for 2 to Boots and Hearts 2016, weekend passes for 2 to next year’s Mariposa Folk Festival, and a private sight-seeing adventure in an ultralight aircraft.

Tickets are $25 each, and only 1000 will be sold. They can be purchased online at, or at the Fall fund raiser and open house on October 3rd and 4th, which will also include a delicious bake sale and barbecue, demos of rescue horses and therapeutic riding, a yard sale with lots of cool gift items and collectables, plus a “barnyard” sale of horse gear.

The Horse Sanctuary welcomes visits by appointment, and invites you to find out more about their work on their website and Facebook page.

Lillian Tepera

Founder, Horseplay Sanctuary


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Confirmed: Horse Meat Found In Ground Meat Products Sold On The U.S. Commercial Market

burgerpattiesFrom our friends at the Equine Welfare Alliance & The Wild Horse Freedom Federation:

A paper published in May by Chapman University reveals that 10 of 48 meat samples were labelled incorrectly.  Two of these samples included horsemeat.

Instances of mislabeling represent cases of food fraud, which may be a result of factors such as poor traceability,  accidental cross-contamination resulting from improper handling,  inadequate cleaning of equipment between species,  or intentional fraud carried out for reasons of financial gain.

From the study abstract:

“The objective of this study was to test a variety of ground meat products sold on the U.S. commercial market for the presence of potential mislabeling. Forty-eight ground meat samples were purchased from online and retail sources, including both supermarkets and specialty meat retailers. DNA was extracted from each sample in duplicate and tested using DNA barcoding of the cytochrome coxidase I (COI) gene. The resulting sequences were identified at the species level using the Barcode of Life Database.

Any samples that failed DNA barcoding went through repeat extraction and sequencing, and due to the possibility of a species mixture, they were tested with real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeting beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork and horse. Of the 48 samples analyzed in this study, 38 were labeled correctly and 10 were found to be mislabeled. Nine of the mislabeled samples were found to contain additional meat species based on real-time PCR, and one sample was mislabeled in its entirety. Interestingly, meat samples ordered from online specialty meat distributors had a higher rate of being mislabeled (35%) compared to samples purchased from a local butcher (18%) and samples purchased at local supermarkets (5.8%). Horsemeat, which is illegal to sell on the U.S. commercial market, was detected in two of the samples acquired from online specialty meat distributors.

Overall, the mislabeling detected in this study appears to be due to either intentional mixing of lower-cost meat species into higher cost products or unintentional mixing of meat species due to cross-contamination during processing.”

Additional links on the subject:


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Urgent Petition – Insist That Atlas Air End Transport Of Horses To Japan For Slaughter

16 086

Ambassador – a beautiful young horse destined to become meat in Japan, as seen on feedlot.

We don’t know whether Ambassador was born in Canada or the United States.  What we do know is that he was shipped by air to Japan for slaughter earlier this year.

Like all foals, his life began in the tender care of his mother whose protective instincts would have prompted her to do anything to protect her baby.  His soft ears perked up at the sound of his mother’s nicker as she tenderly encouraged him to stand and wobble about for the first time.  Hungrily, he guzzled her rich, warm milk.  He loved the spring sun on his back and the wind stirring his short, infant mane as he learned to gallop.  With the passing months, he grew faster and stronger and was soon easily able to keep up with his mother as they cantered together.

Perhaps it is a good thing that Ambassador and his mother knew nothing about his future.

During the days they spent with each other, they didn’t know that his life was worth nothing more than the money his flesh would bring.  They didn’t know that Ambassador would eventually be transported to a quarantine feedlot and be shipped with other horses to a faraway country for the sake of being slaughtered and eaten.

Ambassador’s mother may well have suffered the same fate.

Every year, approximately 7000 horses are transported by air from Calgary and Winnipeg (Canada) to Japan.  These shipments are often conducted weekly, with up to three to four large horses crammed together in wooden crates with little room to move around, let alone lie down to rest.  No food or water is provided during the gruelling journey to another continent.  Canadian legislation permits horses to be transported without food and water for up to 36 hours.  Sometimes, due to flight delays, the 36-hour period is breached.  During one year alone, six horses died during transport, three perished as a result of a landing accident, and one horse was found upside down and dead in his crate.

Compilation - 4 to crate and Perch alone (4).Movie_Snapshot

Ambassador, seen here at the loading dock at Calgary airport. The Canadian government refuses to adhere to their own legislation regarding the shipment of draft horses to Japan for meat.

Canadian legislation prohibits horses over 14 hands high (like Ambassador) to share a crate with other horses.  The law says they must be singly shipped.  Their heads must not touch the ceiling of the crate.  Horses must not be deprived of food and water for any longer than 36 hours.

The law says all of the above things.  But for reasons of profit, Canada ignores the law.

The carrier responsible for shipping these horses to their deaths is Atlas Air, Inc., based in Purchase, New York.  We have identified three decision-makers for a petition to request that they adhere to the laws that the Canadian government chooses to ignore,  and cease the transport of live horses.

In Ambassador’s memory, we invite you to politely request that Atlas Air stop shipments of live horses for slaughter.


Sign and Share the ->Petition<-

  Thank You!

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CHDC joins Hope with Art

CHDC page

We are excited to announce our newest fundraising program with the welcome assistance of Hope with Art Inc.  This will provide us with another source of additional funds for our financial commitments and programs.

Hope with Art Inc. provides an opportunity for interested people to purchase high quality, framed Canadian artwork at exceptional pricing while committing a significant portion of the proceeds for the CHDC.  They take care of all the details, even providing free shipping within Canada  and all artwork comes to you framed and ready for hanging in your home or tack room!

The CHDC is pleased to join the list of other worthwhile charities and non-profits that Hope with Art presently serves and we appreciate the fact that Hope with Art will be creating a series of special offers that will be of interest to our supporters.

The very first offer features the beautiful image below which is shown in two framing options at the same promotional price of $ 240. each + HST.

This image of three horses on the move in a pasture by artist, Suzanne Williams, is titled “Junkyard Horses”.  It has been printed on canvas, UV protected, and mounted on 2” stretcher bars.  The picture on the left, has then been loaded into a 2” “floating frame” while the picture on the right has been finished with a 2” “mirror wrap” over the stretcher bars.  The finished image sizes are 26” x 38”.








“Junkyard Horses” by Suzanne Williams

Special Pricing until September 20th, 2015;   $240. + HST Each

To Purchase:


 Additional Images and Support;

Hope with Art Inc. has hundreds of quality pieces of artwork available with more artists and images being added continually. They are working to provide one of the widest retail selections of art for sale on-line in Canada today. You can purchase any of these images here but please be sure to designate your support for CHDC.


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Sausages go green as more Germans forgo meat

sausage_1850357bFrom Reuters via The Western Producer

BERLIN (Reuters) — Germans, known for their love of sausages, are eating less meat and more vegetarian food as concerns grow about health, animal welfare and the environmental cost of livestock farming.

Meat consumption is stable or declining in most developed countries, but the shift is particularly striking in Germany, Europe’s biggest pork producer and home to 1,500 varieties of sausage.

Please continue reading here.



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Social-Media-PeopleThe CHDC is looking for someone with a few years of marketing and promotions under their belt to help us move forward with new initiatives in the coming year.

Are you that person?  If you are then please send your resume in confidence to


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Announcing CHDC’s 2016 Equine Calendar!

horse in costumeWe are thrilled to announce CHDC’s 2016 Photo Contest/Horse Calendar, in honour of CHDC Director Marie Dean – all proceeds will benefit the work of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. Marie’s horses,  Johnny and Candy,  will be featured in the calendar as well.

The 12-month calendars will be available  from our store at Café Press, where other CHDC merchandise is also available, in time for the holiday season.  And the friends of the CHDC will have an opportunity to have their horses represented in the calendar! So if you have funny pics,  beautiful photos of your horses in motion,  successfully rehabbed horses, photos of wildies,  or much loved horses that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please send them in for consideration!

The Rules for submitting photos:

  • Images can be colour or black and white, and should be taken on a high resolution camera. Images should be at least 300 ppi/dpi, without watermarks or other markings that identify the photographer.
  • Entries should include a short description of the horse including his/her name, province and a paragraph about the horse.
  • We reserve the right to crop or tonally adjust any photo
  • By submitting a photo including minor children or animals you do not own, you acknowledge that you have permission to include pictures of them when you submit the release.
  • You must own the photo rights and the photos must not infringe on someone else’s copyright
  • Professional pictures are welcome!
  • Only digital entries will be accepted. Sorry, we cannot accept print entriesWild horses
  • You may only enter a maximum of 3 photos
  • Entries should be emailed as .jpeg files to – the release form, found here MUST accompany your pictures. Entries will not be considered without it. (The form opens in Microsoft Word format).
  • Participants must reside in Canada
  • You must be of 18 years of age or older in order to submit a photo
  • The CHDC board of directors will determine the winning selections for each month.
  • Entrants will be deemed to have understood the above rules and agree to be bound by them when submitting photos
  • Deadlines: your photo submission must be received by September 15, 2015
  • Photos chosen for the calendar will be notified by November 1, 2015 – we will publish the winners names in a subsequent CHDC blog as well.

Good Luck!

running of the horses

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