This is a courtesy post for a retired individual who needs to place six thoroughbred horses.  If they cannot be placed in homes,  they will be euthanized or sent to auction.  They are located in the town of Elizabethville Ontario,  near Campbellcroft and the Ganaraska Forest. Prospective adopters may be interviewed for suitability or be […]

Australian Light Horse Monument in modern-day Beer-Sheva

We’ve received many compliments about the musical accompaniment to our 2016 Remembrance Day video.  Some of our supporters have also asked about the story behind the very profoundly moving song, “As If He Knows.” We asked the writer,  Eric Bogle about Banjo – did he actually exist? Eric replied: “Yes, Banjo did exist, he was […]


In keeping with our annual tradition, the CHDC is honouring the equines who have served in the world wars – most giving their lives as the ultimate sacrifice.  They had no choice.Many animals were employed in wars and campaigns over the centuries, and as a result millions died.  They all played a vital role in […]


The CHDC is pleased to present our tribute to the equines who served in the many wars mankind has fought.  


Posting on behalf of a concerned advocate. The horse shelter pictured is located near the small town of Elmira Ontario and is used by Old Order Mennonites to tie up their buggy horses while they run errands or spend the day selling their farm produce at the nearby farmer’s market. Please go here to read […]

Here are the Horse Supply numbers for the slaughter market as at August 2016. Good to see that imports from the US are down year-to-date over August by -27.3%, as well, the overall number of horses slaughtered in Canada for January to August 2016 is down over 2015 by -18.9%. Live exports have dropped slightly […]

The CHDC would like to inform our readership of these two Toronto Sun articles covering the disappearance of two much-loved horses in Durham Region Ontario. Both articles written by Chris Doucette,  with commentary by Shelley Grainger of the CHDC. “You have to be very aware of the risks,” Shelley Grainger, a spokesman for the Canadian […]

In preparation for CHDC’s visit to Otttawa,  our Executive Director,  Sinikka Crosland, wrote the following article for The Hill Times: Horsemeat trade raises human health and animal welfare concerns (Subscription required,  reproduced here for our readers) In recent weeks, the European Commission announced it will adopt stricter regulations on the import of horsemeat from non-EU […]


Originally Published in The Lobby Monitor (subscription required,  reproduced here for our readers’ convenience) “An animal welfare coalition is heading to Ottawa to communicate with members of Parliament on the dangers of horse meat consumption. Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) registered to lobby with Aaron Freeman of Pivot Strategic Consulting, its Sept. 9 filing in the […]

21.10.2012_CH.SG.03_Bouvry's Feedlot_Shelby   (14)

From HSI/International: “The new EU rules mean that from March 31, 2017, horses destined for slaughter in non-EU countries but for export to the EU, must undergo a minimum six-month residency requirement. This decision is likely to impact the horse slaughter industry in Canada and several South American countries, where horses for slaughter may be […]