400 Emaciated, Dying, and Dead Horses In Argentina Prompts Call for Suspension of Horsemeat Trade

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Please share this video provided by our  partners Tierschutzbund and The Animal Welfare Foundation, which depicts the cruelty inflicted on approximately 400 emaciated, dying, and dead horses observed on a pasture near Buenos Aires.  This pasture is a source of horses used to supply horsemeat to EU-approved slaughterhouses. TSB/AWF and the Eurogroup for Animals sent a letter to the European Commission in Belgium, calling for a suspension of horsemeat imported from Uruguay and Argentina, based on recent incidents that took place in Argentina involving evidence of illegal trade with stolen horses and severe animal cruelty in the supply chain of live horses for slaughter.


“While our team is investigating the illegal trade of horses in Argentina, we learn about another outrageous case.

More than 400 malnourished horses have been found on a pasture near Buenos Aires. 25 horses are already dead, four are dying.

The owner of this pasture supplies EU-approved slaughterhouses participating in the project “Respectful Life” of the Belgian Meat Federation FEBEV.

The horses are on a pasture of a trader who supplies EU-approved slaughterhouses participating in the project “Respectful Life” of the Belgian Meat Federation FEBEV.

The trader’s name is Raul Onorato. He has been dealing with stolen horses for many years. Onorato has a long criminal record and is under house arrest.

His son and son-in-law continue to supply the slaughterhouses Lamar and Infriba, where the European importers buy their horsemeat.

While the police rounds up the surviving horses, Argentinian NGOs and our team try to help the dying animals.

The media interest is huge. In front of cameras, the minister of security Cristian Ritondo and mayor Alejandro Granados promise to take action against those involved…

Today, one month later, horses from this group die every day. Their owners are not allowed to take them home. We are not allowed to access the premises. There shall be no witnesses of horses dying.

In 2013, we first reported about stolen horses found in EU-approved slaughterhouses in Argentina.

Involved in these crimes are the same persons again and again: the Onorato family, police officers and employees of the veterinary authority SENASA.”

Thanks to all the helpers in Argentina

and to

For the Animals Uruguay


  1. Peggy Ellison I · ·

    I am sickened by the way people treat these horses. They need our help and that does not include murder.

  2. Rhonda Lovejoy · ·

    Needs to stop now—sick sick idiots!! Barbaric morons!!! Pay back is a bitch!!

  3. Beverly Dean · ·

    This must be stopped. The people responsible.for this horrible cruelty should be locked up for life. HORRIBLE..

  4. Lisa-Mae Fowler · ·

    Very tragic
    Poor horses
    No living being deserves this cruel treatment not even the people that cause others to suffer like this
    Those people are the ones that don’t deserve to live on earth jmho
    Those creeps are lucky I’m not there & that I don’t carry guns & ammo because yes I’d hunt them down & eradicate people like that with a bullet between the eyes justly
    I cried watching the video
    I’m not a violent person nor a murderer people like them make me feel like putting them out of the animals misery & the misery those goofs cause us real animal lovers
    R I P beautiful horses

  5. Cruel, inhumane, barbaric, heartless. This must be stopped. Argentina, what are you doing? This is outrageous.

  6. Gayleen Haws · ·

    This is unacceptable! Shameful and horrific. Please now that we are aware of it don’t let it happen again.

  7. Cindy Bugden · ·

    I’m so sick of people with no compassion no soul and their only concern is money. I hope it doesn’t just stop here in Argentina but there are repercussions in the EU as well. Out of sight out of mind it makes me sick

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