Election Day is October 21, 2019! Can the Horses Count on You to Support Them?

This is your opportunity to cast a vote for the welfare of horses and other animals!   

Please keep in mind that no candidate is ever perfect, but we hope that the following information will help you to decide which ones have aspirations that more closely mirror your own.

Animal Justice has created a handy and informative website – Humane Voters. Animal-friendly candidates can be found here:

The following list provides further food for thought as you consider the possibilities:

  • MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, MP Peter Julian and MP Michelle Rempel voted against the enactment of Bill C-571, introduced by MP Alex Atamanenko in 2014.  This private members’ bill, had it passed, would have banned the slaughter of horses and their export for slaughter.
  • MP Anthony Housefather is strongly opposed to the slaughter of horses, and in the past he supported Bill C-84, proposed legislation that tightened loopholes against bestiality and animal fighting.  MP Housefather, however, voted against Bill C-246, which would have consolidated and modernized various offences against animals, such as shark finning and the sale of products made from animal fur.
  • MP Anita Vandenbeld and MP Marilyn Gladue also voted against Bill C-246.  Their stance on the horse slaughter issue is unknown.
  • MP Stephen Fuhr and MP Julie Dabrusin have indicated strong support for an end to horse slaughter and exports of horses for slaughter.

In addition, you can browse through our 2014 list of supportive Members of Parliament as well as “A Rogue’s Gallery of Turncoats” – to see who supported the horses, who didn’t, and who stabbed them in the back after the last federal election:

Please make voting a priority on October 21st!

We extend our gratitude to the hard-working supporters who helped by writing to their candidates about the horse slaughter issue.  We can’t thank you enough for your efforts!  

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  1. Mary Joe Figueira · ·

    Please add Adam Van Koeverden, candidate for Milton/Halton to the group that oppose Horse Slaughter.

    Mary-Joe Figueira

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