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Book Recommendation – Ethics, A Human Condition – Georges Dupras

For over 45 years, Georges Dupras has worked tirelessly to promote animal advocacy and environmental protection in Canada.  The CHDC would like to recommend his latest book Ethics, A Human Condition:  Animal Rights, Human Rights, Environmentalism, “Beyond the Rhetoric.”  Mr. Dupras, a resident of Quebec, is also a director of the Animal Alliance of Canada.  […]

Introducing….The International Horse Registry

From time to time the CHDC passes along information or services that may be of interest to our supporters.  The International Horse Registry offers registration of your horse(s) along with physical identification that will be stored in a database in the event of an emergency such as the theft or a horse or a localized […]

Horse Warriors Found In Unlikely Places…….

The following letter was found by a CHDC director while casually looking through the print version of a Vitality magazine.  As you may know,  Vitality promotes green living,  human and animal health,  and natural therapies.   One astute Toronto reader of the magazine took issue with an advertisement for  “horse hair” mattresses as a by-product of […]

“RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES” – A Long Distance Horseback Ride To Support the S.A.F.E and P.A.S.T. Acts

Several hundred US legislators have not signed on to co-sponsor the S.A.F.E. Act. This is such an important piece of legislation, but it’s been sitting in committee for a year. Currently, only 167 out of 435 Representatives and 27 out of 100 Senators are on board. Too many Americans are simply not aware of this […]

Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden

The CHDC provides evidence of disturbing parallels between the XL Foods contaminated beef recall and conditions inside Canada’s horse slaughter plants. Read the full report here.  Warning – graphic images.

MoMA Café Chef To Serve Illegal, Tainted Horse Meat?

Vickery Eckhoff, Contributor Bad news may be good publicity, but not when you’re opening a restaurant, as Hugue Dufour, chef and co-owner of M. Wells Dinette learned when he announced he’d be putting horse meat tartare on the menu:

Pro-Slaughter Group Attempts to Cash In on Horse Traceability Program While Canada Falters on its Deadline

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) Reports on Canada’s Equine Traceability Program Introduction Canada’s federal government and national livestock producer organizations have created the Canadian Livestock Identification Agency.  Equine Canada was responsible for developing an equine-specific program (CanEQUID) to satisfy federal government requirements for identification and traceability for equines, and was represented on the Board of Directors. This paper addresses […]

CFIA in the hotseat again

The CHDC has long red-flagged the CFIA for lack of transparency and food safety related to horsemeat.  Now consumers North America wide, who consume Canadian beef, get a similar wake up call with the news this week of a massive ground beef and steaks recall for e-coli tainted meat from Alberta. This was discovered by […]

Alberta needs to halt cull of our majestic wild horses

Wild horses stand on Parker Ridge near Sundre. Alberta officials have estimated that fewer than 700 horses are left in the wild. Photo by: Leah Hennel-Supplied Picture-Calgary Herald The Wild Horses of Alberta Society is a non-profit group dedicated to saving our province’s free-roaming horses. Wild horses have been a part of Alberta’s west country […]

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Reaches Out to Help a Community

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue located in Hagersville, Ontario was founded by Brenda McArthur-Thompson in 2007.  Since that time, Whispering Hearts, on the list of Canadian Horse Defence Coalition approved horse rescues, has saved over 150 horses. Brenda has her hands full with the care and rehabilitation of 50 abused, neglected and unwanted horses keeping them safe […]