Justice Has NOT Been Done: Horses Compromised!


What kind of a justice system supports the government when they break their own laws?  Are we in Beijing, or in Canada?

We just received word that the CHDC has lost our David-and-Goliath battle against the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, a lawsuit we launched because of evidence that the Health of Animals Regulations (HAR) were being violated during the transport of horses to Japan for slaughter.  On October 31, 2019, we left the matter in the hands of the judge to decide, and returned home to await the verdict.  The evidence was clear to us:  laws were being broken.

But the judge decided that the obligations imposed by the applicable Sections of the HAR have no bearing on the CFIA, but rather on the exporters and owners of the horses.  Further, he felt that the CHDC cannot dictate how the CFIA conducts the shipment of horses overseas.

In other words, the CFIA can do as it pleases, according to the judge, where the air transport of horses for slaughter is concerned.

We are seriously considering an appeal of Mr. Justice Keith Boswell’s decision.  Please stay tuned for more, keep the horses in your hearts, and if possible make a donation to our legal fund so that we can keep fighting:  www.defendhorsescanada.org.

Thank you, on behalf of the horses!

Your friends at the CHDC….


  1. Sad Canada has no real laws and compassion for animals or peoples rights! Many countries are as bad but it doesn’t make it right. I feel that is why nature is fighting back there will be nothing left for anything or anyone because of greed.

  2. Stop shipping horses to Japan for slaughter.

  3. God help your beautiful horse’s. Protect them from harm.

  4. Suzanne Winter · ·

    I’m in the UK. I’m utterly astounded that a civilised society like Canada would do this!! Barbaric!

  5. Julie Drieu · ·

    C’est honteux qu’un pays aussi développé que le Canada agit de façon aussi barbare!

  6. Janet Manning · ·

    All of North America needs to ban together. In the states we are trying to get a bill passed regarding horses
    HRbill 961 The Equine Safe Act.

  7. Bill Broome · ·

    Horses are wonderful amazing animals who want to live. I refuse to support Canadian airlines since knowing they send horses to Japan for slaughter

    1. No Canadian air carriers are involved in this trade.

  8. Claudia Simpson · ·

    Shameful, the corruption in this country is getting worse by the day.

  9. INSANITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!! IMMORAL !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Get those horses back to where they belong. CANADA, do not take these horses, you will be sued!!!! Do not Kill these horses!!!! Hands off AMERICAN HORSES, they belong to the people of the U S!!!!!

    1. Most of the horses going to Japan are, sadly, from Canada although the buyers are now sourcing from auctions so there will likely be an uptick in the numbers from the US. Pass the S.A.F.E. Act.

  11. Patti Tufford · ·

    Oh. My. God. I am speechless. I am heartbroken. And I am disgusted.
    I read this and my heart dropped and I felt physically sickened.
    There is so much inherently wrong with this country and with a system that allows this to happen. Government-related agencies are NEVER transparent OR held accountable. (This is the exact same as Hydro One, Insurance companies, Banks, OSPCA & the list goes on.) They are given free rein to do as they please AND they are permitted to make their own rules & regulations. In addition to this, many are exempted from disclosing information through the Freedom of Information Act AND more importantly, the CHARTER OF RIGHTS. Yes, that’s correct-some do NOT have to abide by the Charter of Rights, even though they are clearly violating OUR rights! The outcome of this case just continues to demonstrate that this is NOT a Democracy, but is in fact a Socialist country, as it is run by Big Business. And we all know how much Big Business cares about humans & animals. ZERO. 😞 So…where do we go from here? Please tell us what WE CAN DO to help. What specific things should we be doing?
    Rebeka, I’m sure you are especially devastated considering the work you put into this. We all appreciate what you are doing, and we all recognize that the outcome is certainly NOT a reflection of the excellent case you skillfully presented. Instead, it is a sad commentary on the state of our country that continues to unfold: when the government is ‘above the law’ and allowed to do so without any repercussions (the Jodi-Wilson-Raybould/ SNC scandal is yet another case in point). Just know that every time the ‘system’ tries to impede us (shut us up) that our resolve is fuelled even further. We will all work to continue to spread awareness. We are NOT GOING AWAY. Thank you again Rebeka and CHDC for fighting this fight. Somehow, some way, some day, justice WILL prevail…and we won’t stop until it does. ❤️Patti

  12. Marjorie Crystal · ·

    That is truly upsetting news, that the government points the finger in the other direction and the judge followed it. There should be a scrap of accountability on the Canadian side of this issue. If you go for an appeal I will definitely donate to fight this injustice to horses.

  13. Disgusting

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