Update On The Slaughter Trade – September 2018

Part 1 – American Businesses Trump Canadian Values

In 2003 Schorno-Agri Business of Yelm Washington purchased the Summerview feedlot in Brocket Alberta.

This feedlot has been profiled many times by many groups.  Around 2016 Schorno sold the feedlot to the Livingstone Hutterite Colony who assured advocates that they would not be using the feedlot to warehouse horses.  However, once again, it’s full of draft horses, primarily Belgians and Percherons.

This map shows the Summerview feedlot when it was registered to Schorno.

The Summerview feedlot is also a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved quarantine station.

In 2017 Atlas Air Cargo submitted requests to Transport Canada to ship live draft horses from Calgary Alberta to Kagoshima Japan for their client Schorno-Agri Business.

The registered owner shows as a numbered company 1247361 Alberta Ltd.  which is registered to Glenn Schorno of 1247361 Alberta Ltd.

This map for 2017 shows the feedlot now under the name of the Livingstone Hutterite Colony.

Even though the Livingstone Colony had assured advocates of non-involvement in the live draft horse shipments to Japan, most of the horses, if not all, carry the “SA” brand, which stands for Schorno Agri-Business. 

And that’s where a certain sad irony enters the picture.  Schorno is an American company.  Further, New York-based Atlas Air is a charter company that has been known to fly slaughter-bound horses from Canadian airports to Japan.

How strange that horse slaughter does not exist on U.S. soil, yet American-based businesses are welcome to set up shop in Canada and contribute to the demise of horses in our country!  

There is anecdotal conversation that draft horses are becoming harder to find.  

The majority of Canadians do not even support the slaughter of horses for human consumption.  Why should American businesses “trump” Canadian values?  

Industry claims that these draft horses are “purpose-bred” for this trade.  We do not feel that that is an excuse for this trade to exist. 

Horses on the Summerview feedlot are draft horses over fed to the point that they are at risk for a painful hoof ailment known as laminitis, or ‘founder’.  The Japanese prefer very fat draft horses as they produce marbled meat.   

Many of the draft horses, primarily the Belgians in the feedlot, show signs of having been in service as they bear halter/bridle rub marks, top-knot forelocks (prevalent in the Amish/Mennonite communities) and have trimmed feet and manes.

These two Belgians were photographed at an auction in the US.  Both have top-knots where their forelocks had been clipped down.  This is common in the Amish/Mennonite communities.

This horse has obvious halter/bridle rub marks making it very possible that he was purchased at an auction. 

This mare has what appears to be a stall number on her shoulder.  In the PMU industry each urine producing mare has her stall number branded on her shoulder usually like this.  Once again this could indicate a horse not “purpose-bred”.

The horses in this photo appear to have what looks like auction tags on them.  The tails on most of the horses in the feedlot are docked.  Draft horses working in harness, unfortunately, usually have docked tails to accommodate harnesses.

This Belgian clearly shows the SA brand of Schorno-Agri Business.

If this situation seems unethical to you, please feel free to tell your Member of Parliament and the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Hon. Lawrence MacAulay, that enough is enough.  The views of Canadians matter!  Let’s not give carte blanche to American business interests.  We are tired of the “Trump” way of doing things and would like to think that Canadians are strong enough and compassionate enough to adhere to our own good values.

The welfare of horses is included in those values!

Write to:

Hon. Lawrence MacAulay

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


and your Member of Parliament

If you haven’t already, please consider adding your voice to these petitions:

Petition sponsored by MP Mark Holland, Lib-Ajax  to end the live draft horse shipments.

Petition to end the live draft horse exports started by Canadians Against Live Exports – YYC. 

Insist that Korean Air Cargo stop shipping horses to slaughter 

Demand Edmonton Airport stop supporting live shipping of horses to Japan for slaughter


Part 2 – Bouvry Exports feedlots

Once more, troubling evidence has been captured of a predatory, very un-Canadian industry that persists despite a growing movement in our country to stop it.

Government officials insist that it is humane, ethical and lawful to transport horses over long distances and fatten them up for slaughter in barren, crowded feedlots – just like other “food” animals.  The result is that all horses are fair game for human consumption.

Family pets can be stolen and sent for meat.  Unscrupulous dealers can falsify drug information on form work that apparently clears horses for market.  Horses can be raised for meat in the same way that other livestock are exploited for profits that their flesh can provide.

In September 2018 the plight of feedlot horses in Alberta was once again documented.  These photographs taken at three different locations in Alberta illustrate what government rhetoric dares not touch.

They depict the living, the horses who have neither smelled the blood in the kill box nor experienced the all-encompassing terror that causes them to stumble and rear and tremble before they die.  These horses tell us so much about the beauty of innocent life.  Industry and government will use whatever means possible to steer us from recognizing the inhumanity involved in this trade.  From auctions to feedlots to slaughter – all involve the cruel exploitation of a species of animal that deserves far better.   

The horses in this Granum Alberta feedlot are curious about the human who has come to take photographs; their ears perk up as they gaze calmly at the newcomer.  Many of these animals are overweight to the point of being unhealthy.  But they are destined for dinner plates so, according to industry, the heavier the better, right?  

These images show as many of the horses on the Granum feedlot as the investigator was able to photograph.

If you recognize any horses in these photographs please contact us at CHDC: info@defendhorsescanada.org

(Confidentiality assured.)


These “brands” are an inventory system for the feedlot operator and the customer in Japan.

Others carry the “U” brand, showing that they are registered to Bouvry Exports. 


What torment have they endured during these procedures? 

In a field close to the Bouvry Exports slaughterhouse in Fort MacLeod Alberta, there are mares with foals at side, a few who may be in foal again.

Note the auction tags on the mare and foal in the foreground. 

Young foals whose fate is sadly predetermined.

Please consider a donation to assist us with legal and other costs associated with our continuing work to end horse slaughter and the live draft horse shipments. 

If you wish, you may donate here.  Monthly donations can be arranged through your banking institution.  We are working on having the option to donate monthly made available. 

Due to our lobbying efforts we are not able to become a registered charity and, therefore, are unable to issue a tax receipt.


Thank you!

For the horses!
Your friends at the CHDC!

Help us lead Canada’s horses away from barbarism
and into the protected pastures of a civilized nation.


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