Get your freak on – Horsemeat restaurants and the companies that should sponsor them

from Heather Clemenceau…

As an Anglophone Canadian,  it`s sometimes second nature to make fun of the French.  No offense intended to my actual French-Canadian friends though.  It has  also become somewhat second nature for me to make fun of hipster celebrity chefs who not only make endorsements for eating horse in particular,  but also promote other rather disgusting,  gross,  or cruelly derived animal products. 

So many of them claim it`s OK to serve raw meat,  because it`s “grass-fed” (note to insufferable foodies – that`s sarcasm).   It`s widely known that the so-called celebrity chefs are victims themselves of “food fashion”and that they know squat about food safety.  The majority of celebrity chefs are food safety imbeciles and foodie fanaticism  continues unabated,  from Toronto to New York City……….

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  1. linda badham · ·

    some people just have no morals, this causes countries to have no morals. they will reap what they sow. the world is vile at the moment purely because of the way it treats the animals, irrellevent of which country. this world is not evolving spiritually as it should be. i know that the creator of life gave us free will, but my god how this cruel evil is still happening i just don’t get it !!!

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