Is anyone home at the CFIA?

We have received several reports that the CFIA is not returning phone calls and is sending out a generic auto response email in regards to recent concerns brought forth over horses being live shipped to Japan for slaughter.
Questions are not being answered – the CFIA is, yet again, not taking responsibility for their actions.
While we are not surprised by this lack of communication and poor judgement, we need to show them that we aren’t going to stop pursuing this until we see and end to it.

Going forward, please direct your email complaints to these CFIA officials in Ottawa.  You can copy and paste the email addresses and compose your own message to all five:,,

(Dr. Nicole Cormier is a CFIA Humane Transportation of Animals Program Specialist, George Da Pont is the President of the CFIA, Gerry Ritz is Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Dr. Ian Alexander is Chief Veterinary Officer for the CFIA and Dr. Martine Dubuc is Chief Food Safety Officer for the CFIA.)

Please be respectful BUT: 

Demand an answer.

Demand to know why, for the past 20 years, the CFIA have not been enforcing their own regulations.

Demand to know how many horses have died because of their negligence.

Demand to know what changes will be made to ensure that no more horses die, overcrowded in crates so small that they cannot stand in a natural position.

Demand to know why the countries where these horses are shipped to don’t have to report what condition the horses arrive in.

Note:  it has recently been revealed by the CFIA that horses originating from Canada arrived dead in Japan in August 2012.

Here’s the link for the October 18, 2012 CHDC news release, “CFIA Fails Again at Enforcing Regulations for Live Horse Exports to Japan”

The video report is here

CTV Saskatoon covered this story on October 30th.  Please view it here

Thank you for your work on behalf of the horses! 


  1. Susan Nelson · ·

    Did you know the feedlot and land these drafts come from is for sale now? Pincher Creek. 193 acres riverfront. Under farm and ranch by Better Homes and gardens real estate.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Bev, i do not know. Maybe we could learn lessons from our U.S. counterparts, after all they were successful in shutting down these house of horrors.Perhaps radio spots, news paper editorials as i believe they are much more reasonable than T.V. spots. Maybe there is some benefit for all HORSE rescue associations in the U.S. and Canada, to come together under one umbrella . There is clout in numbers, and fund raising may be much more successful.
    One thing is for sure, i do not believe the message that the Canadian PUBLIC need to hear about how their Govt.shamefully brought this BARBARIC industry to us ,and further used PUBLIC tax money to support this industry making Canada the HORSE capitol slaughter of the world.
    Also i do not hear POLITICAL parties OPPOSED to this BARBARIC industry speaking out against it at every opportunity in the telivision media, after all that is how the message gets out.
    The animal tracebility issue is coming to a head soon, why are POLITICAL parties OPPOSED to HORSE slaughter not taking advantage of an opportune time to bring it to the fore front on telivision?

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    Ihave been following, just like thousands of you the official orginazition of CHDC. Like thousands of you have done, i have written numerous letters to Harper, Ritz, Fast, Bryans, Mulcair, Madam Tremel, Redford ,Mc Ginty, Shaw, Several editorial pieces in the Windsor Star which they have been kind enough to print., Liberal and NDP Agriculture critics, DaPont, Atamanenko, Local Federal MP’s in my area, US FDA, President Obama, Detriot and Chicago Free PESS, Toronto Free Press, The Federal NDP Member representing the riding in Quebec where a HORSE slaughter house was temporarirly shut down, Twyla Francois, Humane Society International Canada, and Animals Angels. My point is simple, like thousands of you i am frustrated and disappointed, that with our many letters and emails, Harper, Fast, Ritz and Bryans along with a few others in the CFIA have essentially snubed their nose, at our attempts to stop this BARBARIC industry, further they have denied that several videos confirming animal cruelty in these house of horrors are legidemente. As well they have demonstrated their arrogance toward the humane society, by not replying to their letter over the incident in a Quebec HORSE slaughter house. Perhaps MP Atamanenko bill C322, may not even make it to a final vote in this Parliament which means it dies on the order paper and would have to be re introduced next Parliament. With regards to the recent incident where HORSES were shipped in horrendous conditions to Japan, only to be slaughtered, consider this, Harper may sign a trade agreement that would include Agriculture with a country most regard as BARBARIC when it comes to animal welfare issues. Aside from writing letters and sending emails, which are evidently being ignored, perhaps it may be time to be more aggressive in attempts to be heard and recognized IF THAT IS POSSIBLE?

    1. What else can be done?

  4. Peppermint · ·

    of course they have no response to selling and transporting canadian horses to slaughter for maximum amount of $$$$. Emailed and shared.

  5. wietrich jeannine · ·


  6. It’s time to call Animal Liberation Front

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