CHDC Publishes New Video – Japanese Equine Feedlots Exposed

In order to publicize the issue of live draft horse shipments from Canada to Japan, CHDC has worked together with the Animal Rights Center, ARCJ.ORG, based in Tokyo, Japan.

ARCJ has very generously provided footage of conditions in Japanese feedlots, where both Canadian and American draft horses are routinely transported.



  1. Marilyn Wilson · · Reply

    It’s well known that Lawrence Schorno, Yelm OR has raised and purchased draft colts for decades to ship to Japan, just Google him. He has some relations on Facebook. They have an auction house too. He used to keep as many as 500 behind his fancy house but has since moved his operation to CAN.

  2. Do they slaughter the foals for meat that is “more pink”, or do they get raised until they are fully grown?

  3. So very sickening and sad. We will keep working to end this and all animal slaughter.

    1. Kathleen Kennedy · · Reply

      I totally agree!! Shame on the USA & CANADA for allowing this to happen to the innocent horses! This has to stop ASAP! Also we have to save the wild horses & burros from becoming extinct with #45’s clueless plan to save $$ by sending them to slaughter or to Russia?? Check out WILD HORSE FREEDOM FEDERATION.. RT FITCH on twitter. Both countries need to stick 2gether here, no doubt!!

  4. Ane Streeter · · Reply

    Difficult to watch or to comprehend! Poor innocent creatures!

  5. Marilyn Wilson · · Reply

    Barbara, Larry Schorno has been shopping live draftees to Japan for decades, he lives in Yelm OR and has moved his operation to Canada since getting heat from people on him and his family. He also ships pregnant cows to Viet Nam. He boasts of designing the torture box they illegally stuff three draft horses in. He’s evil to the core.

  6. Kathleen Kennedy · · Reply

    Beyond my comprehension here! Really makes me feel so very angry that this is happening. All horses deserve to be treated better than that, no doubt. Especially the sweet mild mannered draft horses.. Shame on America for shipping the innocent ones to Canada & Mexico for slaughter. But then again, the cow is considered sacred in India? Imagine how they feel about the U.S. with our factory farms.. Just something to think about.

  7. If there are American draft horses in these feed lots that didn’t come from Canada it looks like there are people here in the US that are raising them for slaughter. I always suspected that was going on but there is no way to prove it unless someone that works there ever comes forward which I doubt will ever happen. I would never have thought that Japan even ate horse meat they were generally into eating fish and other seafood along with all of the whales they can kill.

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