CHDC Advocates For Horses At The 3rd Annual Dog Tales Festival

The CHDC is committed to expanding awareness of horse slaughter throughout the general public.  Two of our directors recently returned from the AR Conference in Alexandria, VA,  and this weekend our Ontario directors were busy manning the CHDC booth,  responding to questions, and handing out literature at the 2017 Dog Tales Festival in King City, ON.

The festival is a great opportunity to network with other people who are interested in animal welfare;  we met several attendees who were very familiar with the work of the CHDC.  Many other people that we conversed with were shocked that such an industry proliferates in Canada. 

This year,  the volunteers and staff at Dog Tales created a beautiful “memorial” courtyard display to highlight the issue of horse slaughter.  Many of the horses depicted in our photo gallery of the farm are larger breeds who were purchased at OLEX to save them from the kill buyer. Unlike the dogs who are available for adoption,  Dog Tales operates a true sanctuary where the horses are not offered for adoption.




  1. Dianne james · ·

    Getting this out to the public is where it needs to be,most people will be disgusted and horrified that this goes on!
    Despicable business,there is no need for these poor animals to be subjected to this torture!

  2. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you Mike for a wonderful and insightful prayer.

  3. A Prayer for The Wildies

    Who are we to You
    We moved you across this country, we helped you build this land. We plowed the land, we harvested your crops and hauled them away.
    We hunted and trapped with you from east to west from north to south. We worked on your roads railways. We hauled you timber and your gain , and your copper and your coal. We mined with you and we ground your flour too.
    You used us to herd your cattle and sheep, and we watched take this land to keep.
    We did this for grass and for grain, some just to avoid the pain. We worked until we dropped and then we worked some more. There were those f us who made it to old age snd you kept us safe. Others did not fare so well. We were fed to your dogs and some even fed you. You used our hair to sff your chairs, and our skin to cover yours, because its so thin.
    We fought in your wars and we died there too. We sill don’t know why, except it was for you.
    We were all wild once an you changed us to suit your needs. You fed s and bred us to do our work. You made us big or small, short or tall. You tailored us for your needs. To pull huge weights, to work in fields, in mines, in water and sand and snow. You made us fast or slow to work and for show. To race and to pace, to trot and t Tennessee walk. To dance and prance to jump and leap where you pointed us.
    You shipped us here there and everywhere on Earth you needed us. You designed us to meet your needs. We entertain you. You made us what you needed from us. You would not be what you are today without us. We are your past.
    Our bothers and sisters and all our cousins are still yours to work and play with.
    You left us to fend for ourselves when machinery could do it all faster and cheaper. You grew past us and your need for us. You didn’t think we would survive without you and your care and protection, but we did. We combined your selective breeding and kept what was best for us to survive. We are fast, we are agile, and we are strong. We are going back to what we were, once long ago. The instincts have always been deep inside of us. We know where to go to feed and be safe.
    The Mother will not let us be too many. The old and the slow, the sick and the lame feed the land and the others who live with us.
    The Black bear and his brother the Grizzly know us well, as do the Cougar and the Wolves. Coyotes and Ravens and Foxes too, they all feed on us sooner or later. The land will take its toll and Winter is hard here summers can bring drought, but the strong and the clever survive here. We are the combination of all breeds from the oldest to the newest.
    We are black or white, sorrel or bay. We can bet spotted or painted, or any colour roan you can imagine. We are the Grullas and the golden palominos. You made us what we are, by your neglect and indifference. We are not many, but we can survive.
    Just let us be.
    Let us be your Canadian Wild Horse.
    Let us be free.
    Let us be Wildies.

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