Award-Winning Flutist And Music Producer Laura Nashman Raises Awareness Of Horse Slaughter At Veg Fest

Last weekend the Toronto Veg Fest was held at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.  This annual event has become North America’s largest vegetarian celebration.

Thanks to musician, artist and CHDC supporter Laura Nashman, hundreds of people at Veg Fest learned about helping horses from slaughter, and signed a petition to end it.  Laura, along with her team of friends, worked over the whole weekend handing out CHDC flyers, and gathered about 350 signatures!

Laura’s passion for animals goes beyond horses, as she’s working on a documentary about farmed animals called Dinner Music Movie.

In Laura’s words, “Dinner Music is a documentary in progress whose mission is to share the emotional lives or sentience of farmed animals. Animals didn’t choose a life of being born and raised to be killed. Let’s make a difference together for them. Dinner Music Movie will also include interviews with animal activists, authors and celebrities.

With your support, we want to raise awareness about  inhumane treatment of farmed animals and about the peaceful, healthy, happy lives they can lead instead.  Animals are living beings deserving of our respect and care.

Your donations are gratefully accepted in bringing this film from dream to reality. Thank you in advance, from their unheard voices.”

Thanks to Laura and her dedicated team of friends!!

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  1. Awesome ! Thank you. 🙂

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