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CHDC Publishes New Video – Japanese Equine Feedlots Exposed

In order to publicize the issue of live draft horse shipments from Canada to Japan, CHDC has worked together with the Animal Rights Center, ARCJ.ORG, based in Tokyo, Japan. ARCJ has very generously provided footage of conditions in Japanese feedlots, where both Canadian and American draft horses are routinely transported.  

Canadian Quarter Horse Association Joins Industry Division of Equine Canada – The Agenda of the CQHA AGM Reveals Why…

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association has recently updated their website. The official welcome to their new page advises the visitor that their mandate is to “address issues of concern to Canadian owners of American Quarter Horses,”  and to that end they have partnered with the Industry Division of Equine Canada: From the CQHA website: “In […]

Equine Canada/CFIA Developing Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard

The plan, which you can view here, includes such topics as: biosecurity on the farm transmission of pathogenic/zoonotic disease infection prevention herd management emergency records perimeter fencing property management feeding and watering deadstock and pasture management movement within “biosecure zones,” “controlled access zones,” and “secure zones” We always encourage horse owners and other stakeholders to […]

New Advocate Against Horse Slaughter? Start Here….

Overview and Brief History of Horse Slaughter in Canada (for newcomers to the advocacy movement) The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) is a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the […]

Gerry Ritz Introduces New Trace Canada Database As Improvement to “Global Export Markets”

The CHDC has great supporters!  In a email response to an anti-slaughter advocate,  Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz gives a clear foreshadowing of the path for horse slaughter traceability in Canada in the near future.  Note the involvement of the Horse “Welfare” Alliance of Canada in this scheme…. Please feel free to discuss the subject matter […]

Canadian Government Does An About-Face On Equine Traceability

On October 9, the Canadian Government announced that they will be spending $7.5 million to develop and implement a national database for tracing all livestock as a tool to improve food safety and bolster trade: Details on the livestock traceability remain sketchy at this time, however it is important to note that equines are included. […]

Equine Canada Announces New Chief Executive Officer

After an exhaustive search,  Equine Canada appears to be taking a new approach with regard to their new Chief Executive Officer.  Eva Havaris hails from a sports background that consists of various managerial responsibilities for  Taekwondo Canada and  High Performance Women’s Rugby.   It’s unknown whether Ms. Havaris has any experience with horse sport or […]

Horse-Canada Blogger Bedevils Equine Canada With Tough Questions

A must-read,  witty and succinct analysis of the author’s experience with Equine Canada and that group’s refusal to answer difficult questions about horse slaughter: Cross-posted from the original Horse-Canada article.  Author uncredited. Bute and the (dead, soon to be eaten) Beast Did anyone catch the 16 minutes of infamy the Canadian horse slaughter industry garnered […]

Equine Canada – Slaughter Promoters?

In 2010, Equine Canada released a study on the horse industry in Canada.  Some facts that came out of it are that the live horse industry contributes 375,248 full-time jobs to the economy and the total capital investment in the pleasure riding sector generates$3,727,568,223 to the economy, much more than the minute $90 Million that the slaughter industry […]

Misguided Agriculture Critic Sticks Hoof in Mouth

NDP Agriculture Critic, MP Malcolm Allen, lost a lot of credibility on March 31/14 during a House debate on Bill C-571. Except, of course, amongst Conservatives.  That party is teeming with Mindless Minions who seem to tremble in fear at upsetting the status quo. What stares them in the face, even if it’s a serious […]