Calgary Airport protest about the live horse shipments

Trailers with draft horses lined up beside WestJet's head office in Calgary.

Trailers with draft horses lined up beside WestJet’s head office in Calgary.

Yesterday’s protest event was well-attended with advocates bringing more awareness to this issue.

There was good coverage from media including the Calgary Herald as well as CTV and CBC .

Our congratulations to the Calgary and Lethbridge Animal Rights groups for getting this out there!


  1. Dawn krebser · ·

    Stop this abuse. All trucks should not be let into Canada..
    Thank you to all that help in this fight, keep going and don’t stop. I wish they would realize that we won’t stop. Till they stop this from happening. We will forever be in there door steps and the numbers will just grow and grow and grow and grow.. You might as well stop this now and end it the slaughter..
    All for the horses and all animal

  2. Terry Dodson · ·

    Horse slaughter is cruel. I would suggest that if you believe this to be untrue that you watch any of many undercover videos out there. I promise you that you will be horrified! Horses are stolen , shipped without legal proof of ownership, and are even now taken to Mexico although the Euros have said they will not import any horsemeat from there. Please research this & I believe you will fight to stop this from continuing . Thank you. Terry didson


  3. Thank you for continuing to fight and give a voice to those that can not speak. Awareness is everything

  4. sosbaiji · ·

    Horses could be used as therapy horses or as a family member, just to enjoy.


    1. nor maexico! borders are open on no and so and no one is catching them been saying ansd suggesting that for many moons. thefts in the night need to be watched..but maily if canada would stop eating and eu want none from mexico it would stop right?? this whole illegal stuff could stop.

  6. The public knowing about horse slaughter is one of the reasons no slaughter plants exist inside the US today. Over 80% of the US population do not want horses slaughtered. But the down side is the fact that there are no laws on the books banning US horses being hauled to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered. There has been bills introduced in congress for the past ten or more years that would have stopped this but it never got out of committee because of the under the table donations or bribes given to crooks in the US Senate. There was plenty of support in the House of Representatives to call the bill up for a vote but very little in the Senate. The racing industry in the US wouldn’t have had anyplace to send their crippled race horses to get rid of them. Another thing is the fact that horse breeders here ship their brood mares to slaughter too once they can’t breed anymore all of them do that even the breeders raising show horses they are all the same including Quarter horse breeders. If they don’t have a market for the horses and don’t want to feed them that’s where they go.

  7. chris1055 · ·

    Thank you for your efforts in publicising the dire situation of loyal draft horses and Calgary Airport’s involvement in transporting them to slaughter. I did call the airport to state my case against their transport to any country for slaughter. Very sad day, but we need to continue both in Canada and the U.S. to stop this horror.

  8. sosbaiji · ·

    Thank you all so much for doing this! We are trying to help in Ontario too. We have submitted a proposal to be on TVO The Agenda to make people aware of this and why we think horse slaughter should be banned in Canada. I went to my hairdresser today and told her about this and she said “I did not know they are slaughtering horses in Canada”. This is why we, “Horse People for Horses in the GTA” want to be on TVO to make sure all Canadians are aware of what is going on and get them to help us stop it!

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