Stolen horses safely recovered from slaughterhouse fate

KPLU report on Enumclaw Auction wears blinkers - Horsebytes — A blog for SeattlStolen horses were discovered at the Florence Packing plant in Stanwood, Washington.  This location is reported to be a collecting-station for horses being sent to the Bouvry plant in Alberta for slaughter.  You can read about these lucky horses here.



  1. Lona DeCasper · ·

    Thats how bad this aituation has become! Now their being stolen to be slaughtered! Totally out of hand. End slaughter!!!

  2. Carla tillman · ·

    They should be charged with possession of stolen property!

  3. I would like to see horse slaughter banned in Canada as well I view horses as pets and should not be sold to Europe, as well as live stock horses being shipped to Japan, let them get there own supply from their own country.

  4. CHDC members, you may remember that Executive Director Sinikka Crosland was strongly supporting the group of Washington State horsemen that led the campaign to get the ordinance in place banning horse slaughter in this county back in 2012, and had volunteered to come down and testify if we needed her. Now we are working on a statewide ban to be introduced into our 2016 state legislature through the newly formed Washington State Horse Defense Coalition. We look forward to continuing this battle side by side with you, our neighbors. Allen Warren

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