SPCA in Montreal rescues caleche horses


Posted By: Margoe Edwards medwards@astral.com·10/31/2012 3:22:00 PM

Blackjack lying on ground – from SPCA

Two caleche horses have been rescued by the SPCA from their alleged abuser.

Director Alanna Devine says the animal shelter received a call from Montreal Police last Sunday.

“According to witnesses, a horse had collapsed on the way back to the stable, and the driver of the horse had kicked the horse while he was still on the ground.”

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  1. TO HELP PLEASE JOIN: Anti-calèche defense coalition: “We are the guardians of the 65 calèche horses in Montréal. We will be their voice until they are all free”


    We are members of http://www.horseswithoutcarriages.org

    Please take a minute by sending a message to help protect these horses, voice your concerns to:
    Richard Deschamps – Responsible for the Calèches Dossier
    Phone: 514 872-4879
    Fax: 514-367-6600 / 514-872-7800

    Gerald Tremblay – Mayor of Montréal
    Phone: 514-872-3101
    Fax: 514-872-4059

    Thank you for the horses!

    1. jean robertson · ·

      Done. I hope it works.

  2. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Absolutely abominable behavior. How do people live with themselves when they have been so abusive to a poor defenseless animal. I will never understand this behavior. I only wish for them exactly what they have given in turn. Suffering and pain beyond despair.

  3. Will be interesting to see what the SPCA does, if they are anything like what we have here in the U.S. they will do nothing. The New York carriage horses live the same way.

  4. Mary Croft · ·

    This industry is like so many others….callous, barbaric and profit driven.

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