Rescuing Horses as Industry Bides Its Time

By: Joe Drape
Published: November 1, 2012

Deborah Jones, a Thoroughbred advocate, said, “They run for big purses, but then you see how easily they are discarded.” Photo by – Ann Johansson for The New York Times

Huntington Beach, Calif. – Deborah Jones has a ticket to the Breeders’ Cup and, as a lifelong horse lover, she would cherish a weekend amid the best Thoroughbreds in the world and some of the most prominent owners in racing.  But she will not make the drive 41 miles north to Santa Anita Park on Friday to watch the horses of sheiks and titans of industry compete for more than $25 million in purses.

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  1. Stakes winning horses with their wealthy owners photographed together looking so proud, should be put on the front pages of newspapers right beside the kill buyers photo.

  2. Peppermint · ·

    Very good information all comments if only any would happen as long as money big money is involved the horses will continue to run for their lives. We adopted 2 OTTBs saved from killer buyers 10 years ago and both are wonderful additions. What a horrible waste to send these great horses to slaughter. So right the wealthy owners who send their horses to slaughter should be exposed; great idea!

  3. The largest number of horses in the slaughter pipeline have been TB’s and Quarter horses in the US. These are the main over-breeders and also the ones that send their brood mares to slaughter once they are used up. I hope the public didn’t actually think they looked for homes for these horses because they don’t. All of the breeders know the name and phone numbers of the local kill buyers who come over and pick the horses up.

  4. If more people in the media would cover these stories about horse slaughter, we would move forward that much faster. It is the brave ones that have covered the dark side of racing – generally, not the mainstream journalists. It sticks in my craw that the people with the power – specifically the journalists here – don’t bring this to the forefront…in my mind, they become enablers, just as guilty as breed orgs, racing orgs and everyone else connected (and more importantly, receiving a pay cheque) from the industry. They have a moral duty to disclose this…so much for their morals and ethics.

  5. I have a suggestion…somehow publish the names of those breeders who send their horses to slaughter. Maybe perhaps the other decent breeders will decide not to do business with them. The only way this tragedy will stop is if people are aware of the fact that it’s going on. I don’t think the majority of people know the dirty secrets connected with racing (or horse slaughter overall) and it has to be taken from the shadows into the light of day and let these people face the shame of being known for what they are.

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