Animals’ Angels Investigation: The Dennis Chavez Slaughter Horse Feedlot inNew Mexico

 March 26, 2012

Animals’ Angels
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A note from Sonja

Six years of cruelty investigations have made it absolutely clear: Horse slaughter means a free pass, in effect, kill buyer amnesty for abuse, neglect and animal cruelty. But never has one single location screamed horse slaughter’s cruelty more than at our March 10 investigation.

Sonja comforting dying horse

Horse after horse after horse – yet completely typical of what goes on unabated in the slaughter pipeline. No feeling person could help but be heartbroken, and very angry.

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  1. petmamma · ·

    Please – if you live in NM please take time to contact the DA, Governor Martinez and the newspaper (write a letter to the editor) and politely ask that this cruelty end and that adequate laws and enforcement are in place so that this does not happen again. Shame on us NM.

  2. God bless you for sharing all these articles to try and help the suffering equine of our world. These stories are so very hard to read it must be heart breaking to have to write and report on your blog.

    Thank you for all you do to try and promote awareness and change for our worlds beautiful and majestic donkeys, horses and mules.

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  5. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I wish we could do this to Dennis Chavez. RIP to all the beautiful horses that did not need to suffer 😦

  6. I wonder where these horses came from. At one time they might of had a good home or maybe they were the wild horses that the BLM were suppose to rehome. Something needs to be done to protect these horses where ever they came from. This should not happen but it keeps on happening to too many horses. They are not given water or food or any care whatsoever. Chavez said they wanted to help the horses, to find their way onto the slaugther trucks so that they can get their weight in $$$. You are disguisting Chavez with your methods of total cruetly to innocent horses that have only served man. Good work to Animal Angels for exposing these monster acts to God’s creatures. I only hope that justice will be served to this death ranch.

  7. shoshone · ·

    There are a lot of guilty people here. The horse owners should not have sold their sick or crippled horses to start with. The auction should not have accepted them. The kill buyer should not have purchased them and the trucking outfit should not have loaded them.

    The kill buyers must know what type of horses the EU will not accept. It is a real farce when they pretend to know all the medications the horses have had yet don’t know crippled, sick and stallions are not accepted at the border.

    Canadian auctions no longer take sick and injured animals. The story of the downer dairy cattle being moved with a fork lift in California motivated a clean up of that sorry practice.

    1. Sadly, this is not the case as recently as February 2012 a blind horse went through the ring at OLEX in Ontario.

      As long as they don’t get caught auctions will continue to accept and sell compromised horses. Owners will continue to dump compromised horses. Kill buyers will continue to buy compromised horses. Slaughter houses will continue to kill compromised horses.

      1. shoshone · ·

        Who if anyone should be checking both horses and other animals at auctions??

        Should or could the humane societies or the spca not do random checks as part of their job description.??.

        The local auction wasn’t taking compromised animals. I was buying raw meat for my dogs from a local farmer who was buying animals that could not be shipped and packaging the meat for dogfood.. Government inspectors shut him down.

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  9. Dolores · ·

    No good rotten Bastards!Dennis Chavez needs to answer for his actions at this feedlot in N.M.This is a Heartless person that has allowed abuse and suffering to these horses.The state of N.M. needs to step-up and make this man accountable.

  10. I am just wondering what this world is coming to. How can anyone do this to animals.
    It is all in the name of money! Poor helpless horses. I hope these f _ _ ckers pay for this some day. I hope they get their turn to feel the pain that these horses have gone through! I can’t imagine how anyone could let animals SUFFER like that. I don’t think I can eat for the rest of the week. My stomach is turned.
    Rest in peace horses.

    1. Harriett Underwood · ·

      Pick up a Bible Janet. I tells us how the birds of the fields will feed upon the wicked and they will beg for the mountains to fall over them. I think their is so much heartache and brutalty in this world that it will take the creator of these wonderful animals to step in and save them. Man is the beast… not the ones with four legs.

    2. Janet D · ·

      Can anyone say Karma. Sooner or later they will know what it is to suffer the same sort of pain they inflicted on all these animals.

  11. Evelyn Ball · ·

    This planet is full of too many ignorant, selfish, uncaring human animals. Just pathetic what these sub humans are capable of. They are not human as far as I am concerned because a human being would have compassion and morals which is exactly what these idiots lack. I wish I could trade their lives for the animals and I have no remorse at all for saying that. I hate people like this and truly wish something horrible happens to them or better yet, they die! Sick and tired of these pathetic pieces of human garbage treating other animals, who have just as much a right to be here and be treated with respect and humanely, as disposable garbage.

  12. linda badham · ·

    GOD HELP THEM , SUCH SICKENING HEARTBREAKING SOUL DESTROYING FACTS . No wonder this world is in such a mess with people like CHAVEZ in it. Theres too much scum in this world and the poor innocent animals are at the bottom of the list when it comes to respect and compassion. I hate this life for animals , and untill they are respected worldwide the worry for them will always be there.The horses are a species that serve man and devote their lives to doing this, and to think they are treated like they are at the end of their lives is unbearable. I pray the USA and CANADA DO SOMETHING and stop this hell for horses. I have to say that in the UK this would cause outrage and it would never be allowed to carry on. My heart bleeds for all this cruelty for these horses and i pray from the bottom of my heart that this ends.

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