Dear New York Times: Please don’t forget the 26,600 slaughtered Thoroughbreds

Article by Vickery Eckhoff from her personal Blog

It’s been a busy week in equine America.

The racing community’s been debating the breakdown of horses at Aqueduct, on the set of “Luck” and in general. Separately, the equine welfare community’s been fighting new legislation and proposals to open horse slaughterhouses in Tennessee, Missouri and Oregon, while consumer and humane watchdog groups are fighting ag-gag rules, one of which was just signed into law by Tennessee’s Governor.

9 Year old Thoroughbred mare sold to kill - OLEX auction, Ontario

I hope those interested in fixing what’s broken in horse racing will focus on the larger humane and agribusiness issues, because they are all related. Unfortunately, ag-gag and horse slaughter aren’t on racing’s radar pretty much because racing’s focus is nearly always inward-facing. This is especially true of people and industries whose fortunes are tightly tied to how they’re publically perceived.


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    Horse racing is a pipeline to slaughter…I know we adopted 2 ex-racehorses saved from killer buyers 10 years ago.

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