Breaking News: Summit of the Slaughter Horse Canceled

Posted: March 27, 2012 by R.T. Fitch in Horse News, Horse Slaughter

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Horse-Haters Run from Pro-Horse Counter Conference

Simone Netherlands, organizer of the Summit of the LIVE Horse to be held in Oklahoma City, April 3rd

In a vague and jumbled press release, Quarter Horse trainer, Dave Duquette announced that the 2nd Annual Summit of the (Slaughter) Horse, which was touted to be held in Oklahoma City next week, will be “rescheduled” to sometime in January of next year.  Doubt and defeat of Duquette and Sue Wallis’ attempts to reintroduce foreign owned horse slaughterhouses into the U.S. have dogged the duo as they try to convince a doubting American public that butchering and eating companion animals and pets is a good thing.

In defiance of the “Summit” equine advocates from across the nation have organized several counter conferences in an attempt to get the “pro-horse” message out to the American people.

Simone Netherlands of Respect4Horses and lead promoter for the Summit of the Live Horse, to be held in Oklahoma City next week spoke with SFTHH early this morning:

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  1. […] Breaking News: Summit of the Slaughter Horse Canceled […]

  2. I also think that Duquette has got in over his head about opening up a slaughter plant. For one thing I don’t think he is very educated or he would have known about the rules and regulations governing opening any business that slaughters animals of any kind. He has believed everything Wallis has told him and it looks like Wallis don’t know much either and she’s supposed to be a state rep so what does that tell you about both of them? For one thing Wallis and this jerk really believed they could talk investors into footing all the bills including any environmental assessments, lawyer fees you name it.

    I think these two are done for as far as opening up horse slaughter plant. By the time they ever get around to having their meeting next year we will have the non-inspection law blocking the use of US inspectors of horse meat back in place. So far the law has to be voted on each year, what is needed is for it to be made permanent.

    1. shoshone · ·

      Good news Barbara.

  3. Yesterday I forwarded the information about what was going on at the feedlot to Deputy Director Robert Pierce he was one of the names that was listed to contact about the dying horses. He emailed me back and said the head of the New Mexico Livestock Board Director Myles Culbertson has started a investigation into the deaths of the horses. I told Pierce that any other state would have shut down that feedlot a long time ago and filed charges against the owner for starving the horses to death. We will see what happens. I have a good idea that these were horses he was hauling to the border to be slaughtered. had been refused entry because of their condition so this wacko owner decided to finish them off by starving them to death because he didn’t want to spend one nickle on feed for them.



  5. Yes we do, terrors is the word for the New Meico feedlot, im in shocked about that, every dog will have his day, i am happy the summit will go on as planned,

  6. shoshone · ·

    We needed some good news after the racing and feedlot terrors out of New Mexco.

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