Horse Supply Numbers

3 horsesThe CHDC is happy to report that in 2016 the number of horses slaughtered in Canada has decreased significantly over last year and greatly over past years.

While year-end 2015 numbers were up slightly over 2014, at May’s year-to-date, 2016 is down 17.1% over 2015.

Comparing numbers from 2008, when horse slaughter was at its peak in the last 10 years, the numbers are down 50% at May year-to-date.

While we’re not certain how all reasons factor in, it is quite apparent that the demand for horse meat is decreasing.  Factor in as well an overall lower horse inventory in Canada and the U.S., along with less breeding and more responsible horse ownership.

We have reason to applaud this decline and we’re sure all horse welfare advocates join the CHDC in looking forward to this continuing trend!


  1. Pam Evely · ·

    Any decrease in the killing is good, but the fact remains that any are too many. For each horse that goes through this nightmare, they lose the only life they have, after horrible suffering. I’m also curious if the live shipments from Canada are included. We can only hope the poisoned meat from Mexico kills some Japanese, but unfortunately they seem to be getting around this by having Canadian yes-men to beed horses just for them to kill. I’m hoping for a giant tsunami or another nuclear leak to wipe out enough Japanese to lower their demand for dead horses. (I meant breed, not beed.)

  2. Good news, wish they did get really ill from a batch of horse meat. Similar to “mad cow” or “foot and mouth” in bovines. That would really help.

  3. I just got the news letter from Animals’ Angels and they have checked the number of horses sent to slaughter in Mexico from the U.S. and is down 31.14% from just 18 months since the ban on horses from the U.S. that are slaughtered that the EU slapped on Mexico that means that 33,000 horses were saved. In fact a number of killer buyers have quit the business and went on to something else. Russia which was importing horse meat from Mexico has lowered its shipments from Mexico along with Vietnam and at least one slaughter plant has closed up. Japan’s orders have gone up.
    It looks like Mexico’s horse slaughter business has dropped 60% since the EU ban went into effect.
    If you want to read the full report go to
    It looks like Japan has developed a taste for horse meat from the U.S. that is loaded with vet drugs it looks like they are going to eat it anyway I doubt they know about.I’m not sure what these drugs will do to someones health if it is been made into sushi which is served raw. The drug Bute stays in the horses system forever I wouldn’t want to be the fool eating raw meat from any animal treated with Bute. I don’t eat meat so I don’t give a hoot.

  4. judye822 · ·

    Are the number of LIVE horses shipped to Japan to be slaughtered factored in? I’ve heard it’s in the thousands.

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