Updated! The petition to Atlas Air has been updated with new video footage of the horses

horseslookingatcameraPlease go here to add your name to the petition and to view the new footage.


  1. Debbie Barber · ·

    You guys do a great job fighting the slaughter of horses. Can you all please look towards Australia. FAOSTAT statistics quote Australia processed 94,000 horses for human consumption export in 2013. All slaughtered via Captive Bolt Gun. The Australian Government refuse to provide slaughter statistics to the public.

  2. sharon boyes · ·

    Disgusting. Embarrassed to be Canadian.

  3. We need stop this senseless Slaughter of all theses horses,the meat is very toxic it causes cancer and other medical problems the horse is probably the number one animal that gets Medicaid daily there is no meat inspections when it comes to horses, you’re killing an American icon and soon you’ll be killing Americans with their meat.

  4. Pam Evely · ·

    This country has really lost it’s moral compass. We seem to continually regress when it comes to environmental and animal protection. Concerning horses, would this country have ever been settled without their help? Of course not, yet we reward them with some of the most brutal treatment we mete out to any species, which is saying something. Canada likes to be known as a progressive country, but one look at how we treat animals reveals that to be fiction. Please everyone, sign the petition, and try to get others to do so; maybe there will be some positive impact. And by the way, why were the barely visible faces of the lowlifes helping to send these poor horses on their journey to hell blocked out? Are we really trying to protect people who make a living contributing to the misery of innocent horses? They are psychopathic criminals and deserve to be outed as such, whether they are loading the horses, driving trucks, moving crates or flying planes. They have to know what they’re a part of, and just like corrupt government(CFIA) , should be cut no slack. We can hope karma gets them, but it would be even better if they suffered immediately, because people who treat animals as inanimate objects are like pedophiles, they can’t be changed, at least not if left to their own devices.

  5. The US also shipped horses to Turkey and then on to Russia some years ago under the “watchful eye” of the head of USDA. Our country is no better than Canada as $ comes first. Asia is the last country that should ever receive any live animals as their slaughter methods are extremely inhumane. I have a problem respecting this country while knowing this and I feel betrayed as I had a beautiful horse for 28 wonderful years and never was happier. This is heartbreaking !!!

  6. Debra Little · ·

    I totally Agree ..Will boycott Japan !! Between the illegal Whaling and
    Importing our Horses for Food what is Next?? I am Appalled that our Country
    Allows the Import of our Horses!! The reason of course is Money!!!😪😪😤

  7. Will completely boycott Japan and all of Asia for this.

  8. Anne Streeter · ·

    While looking for a phone number to call Atlas Air I found the following –

    “Atlas Air is named after Atlas a Titan in Greek mythology, who carried the heavens on his shoulders”. It struck me as being completely inappropriate!

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