Disturbing news about PMU and Manitoba ranches

Picture3The attached article appeared in the Manitoba Co-operator on February 25, 2016 regarding the possible expansion of PMU ranches in Manitoba.





  1. It might be that the farms that Pfizer contracted for in China may not be working out to well.
    Its possible to that the number of women in China were showing up with heart attacks and cancer because of taking this dangerous drug. Another thing is that the farms might not have been collecting enough horse pee that Pfizer demanded. You wonder too if other businesses in China decided to go into the horse pee business and was undercutting Pfizer by processing it and selling it in China.

  2. Louise Slattery · ·

    Biologically identical hormones are available for the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women. They’re safer than using PMU and they work well. There is no need for PMU except for Pfizer’s bottom line.

  3. How do we want the world to remember us by ,this. Shameful Canadians. Hang your head in shame.

  4. Pam Evely · ·

    Horrible news for horses. Amazing how these articles never mention the truth of how the the mares and foals are treated, and most women (and doctors) don’t seem to want to hear the truth. Even if premarin were not a health hazard (doubtful), it is morally indefensible to produce or use it. I despair for Canada, and the human race, if we can’t do any better than this in our treatment of the species we owe the most to,and who have been so essential to our progress.

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Very discouraging news! I thought we had more or less put this one behind us. What is wrong with Pfizer! There are humane alternatives and who needs cruelly attained drugs with such serious side effects!

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