“Some musings…” – A view into a horse slaughter plant

This article from 2013 crossed our desk and we felt that our readers would be interested in reading it.  The writer is a professional bare-foot trimmer.


discarded shoesR“”Some musings…”

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to the slaughter house to get some cadaver feet for dissection clinics. Over the past 20 years I have visited many slaughter houses in different provinces and collected, studied, dissected and documented specimens from all over North America.

The overall practice and designs to the plants has somewhat changed over the years. Still progressing to make bigger plants to take bigger amounts of horses. Despite all this ‘progress’… the reasons that the horses end up there in the first place have not changed one bit!”

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  1. A person would have to check google to find out how many horses are being bred for meat. I suspected as much but you really don’t know a person would have to get the addresses of the feed lots and go and take a look. I know the wild horses here in the US are are supposed to be eventually turned over to the states at least that is what I read about the other day to deal with any over population so you know they will shipped to slaughter which is something the BLM has been sneaking around and doing for years. They claim that they are boarding 50,000 horses that they have rounded up in the past on ranches all over the US but won’t give out any addresses claiming privacy for the boarders which is nuts. The ranchers in the western states claim that the few wild horses left in the states are destroying the public lands when it is the cattle that is doing the damage. The ranchers are getting grazing on public lands for very little money which turn public lands into giant feed lots for millions of cattle and sheep with little return to the public. Horse slaughter is one of the worst ways a horse can be killed it is cruel beyond belief. The reason that horse slaughter can’t be stopped in the US is because we have a very corrupt government with politicians that take bribes called donations toward their reelections. Every anti-horse slaughter bill that is introduced in congress never makes it out of committee because most of the senators will not cosponsor it the the House members have cosponsored all of them but you have to have both to pass it into law.
    I have seen photos of truck loads of horses headed to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered and none of them looked like they were loaded with 2 year old horses most looked to be assorted ages.

  2. Do you REALLY believe what it says in this article – that the majority of horses are bred for their meat…..??? It’s certainly not cost-effective to raise horses for 2 up years as meat horses…. And it’s not the old, sick, and lame that go, generally, for slaughter from America!!! Saying they’re bred for meat allows them to not worry about the 300+ substances commonly used as horse husbandry which are prohibited for use in animals intended for food. Also, the author leans towards implying a connection between lameness and wearing shoes….
    Give me a break!!!

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