Not even the Gentle Giants escape the slaughter pipeline

Thanks to Animals’ Angels and Tierschutzbund, Switzerland for use of their video.


  1. PLEASE make sure that all of you making comments find someone that has the petition of bill c-322 to sign as the more voices the more chances for this cruel heartless process with STOP…if you need a petition to sign and get ur friends to sign go to Canadian Horse coalition page of how to get started… thanks and PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition the horses need us not to just complain about this and cry but do actually do something.

  2. Shelley Bryant · ·

    It’s just F…ing Wrong!

  3. This is so sad..I didnt watch the video cause I did not want to have nitemares and not sleep or eat for weeks. I know when i saw this my heart beating fast…I sure the video is horrible and these poor beautiful animals are going through torture. I’ve already started crying…why do people have to be so cruel, I hope what goes around comes around and they will get there’s someday. As tears roll down my cheeks I wish i could save these poor soles. Maybe this fucked up country of our should consider following the US and stop this for good.

  4. this saddnes my hart so deeply-I do have naightmares can not eat can not sleap–

  5. How in the world can this still be tolerated???after all the cruelty seen about slaughtering horses.END THE SLAUGHTER once and for all….

  6. Exactly (jean robertson) ! ~ Tks for saying that.
    Can,t say this enough, (A Licence To Breed Equines!)
    And the cruel, unnecessary slaughtering of these magnificent animals, should NOT exist… BILL C-322.
    Ne peut pas dire assez sur ce point, (Une “licence” pour élever des chevaux!)
    Et le cruel, inutile, abattage de ces animaux magnifiques, ne devraient pas exister … PROJET DE LOI C-322

  7. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Non aux abattages des chevaux , ils ont le droit de vivrent sans êtres maltrites ou tues !

    1. jean robertson · ·

      The horses shown are not range horses. With their short tails they look like show teams that have been abandoned and are waiting for their owner to show up with oats or a job. I hope their owner has nightmares for the rest of his or her life.

      1. I agree with Jean, how sad this world is to take domesticated and trained animals to the ugly world of torture and insensitive humans that actually think what THEY ARE DOING IS A JOB. Especially domesticated horses, they will follow a human around like a big puppy dog. Mine do. This saddens and hurts my heart so deeply.

      2. You are so right Jean. This herd of fine horses look like they were well kept and used as show teams. Maybe they pulled carriages for weddings and other events. All of them are beautiful and don’t deserve the horrific process of slaughter. Horse slaughter has been going on far too long. It is our Government that is allowing this cruel treatment of horses to go on. It is heartbreaking to know that these fine horses will soon see their end.

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