Legendary horses to be slaughtered as Spain’s financial crisis deepens

published April 18, 2013 – Associated Press

Alborozo - Photo by Bob Langrish

Alborozo – Photo by Bob Langrish

ALMONTE, Spain –  The southern Spanish region of Andalusia, famed for flamenco and Moorish castles, is also home to a legendary breed of horses that carried conquistadors into battle in the Americas, featured in Hollywood epics and more recently became trophy acquisitions for Spaniards during a giddy economic boom.

 On his grassy ranch in the territory’s heartland, 73-year-old Francisco Mesa breeds these “Pura Raza Espanola” — Pure Spanish Breed — horses with a passion that comes from years of pampering the elegant beasts known for their intelligence and affection for humans. He enters a muddy pen and is immediately surrounded by mares and foals who nuzzle him with tenderness, oblivious of their almost certain fate: the slaughterhouse.

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  1. Spain has fallen on very hard times. The owner doesn’t want to part with the horses but is decent enough to give them away free to good homes. That is hard enough for anyone who loves horses to do and may be the horses only hope for a future.

  2. Debby M · ·

    Equally disturbing is the fact that in Canada 17,162 horses were slaughtered from January to March of 2013 and 82,175 in 2012.

  3. pattyhamilton · ·

    This is truly sickening. How can the owners let these beautiful horses just go to slaughter. If he loves his horses he will find a way to keep them from slaughter. Or maybe he doesn’t love them as he mentioned.

  4. jean robertson · ·

    Sickening isn’t it?? It looks more like a “status” thing than an actual love of an animal. Idle rich with more money than they knew what to do with so go breed horses.

  5. Sometimes I feel that there is no hope for any horse once their productive days are done. I wonder what makes humans inherently evil and what contributes to the lack of compassion that I see day in and day out. If you can’t keep a horse, for whatever reason, then euthanize. It is the humane thing to do.

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