Somebody’s ‘throwaway’ now saves others

By Jennifer Moreau and Ashley Kim, Burnaby Now
Feb 22, 2013

Rescued: Kriss Pless with her horse, Lucy - photo by Jennifer Moreau, Burnaby Now

Rescued: Kriss Pless with her horse, Lucy – photo by Jennifer Moreau, Burnaby Now

In the summer of 2002, Lucy, a small quarter horse, was up for auction and on the verge of being slaughtered for meat. At her side, was Hope, her young foal born with severely bent legs.

The “meat man” made the first bid – $500 for both – but Julie Macmillan from J&M Acres horse rescue in Maple Ridge outbid him and took the mom and her crippled baby.

A Maple Ridge family agreed to foster the two and keep Hope, and North Vancouver resident Kriss Pless planned to adopt Lucy. There was the possibility that Hope would have to be put down, but since she was not in pain, Macmillan approached various vets till she found one who would give Hope a chance. The operations would cost thousands, and there was no guarantee of success.

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  1. Catherine · ·

    I live in Fraser Valley and I have emailed J & M Horse Rescue about a horse. I wanted to
    know what auction place she got the horse?( The horse’s name was Holly). I was curious about the pipeline of horses leaving BC for slaughter. I do not own a horse but have saved and owned a horse from slaughter in the late seventies. I support Canadian Horse Defence Coalition by pinning up flyers ( Bill C -322) in suitable, appropriate places. I did not hear or receive back a email from this rescue place and decided to move on.
    I have thought about buying a horse and spend many hours on Kijiji and craigslist and driving up and down the Fraser Valley looking at places. All were asking very high boarding fees. Yes, I know hay and grain has gone up, but still these boarding places can declare and they do for tax credits as well. Self- boarding does not work either to most of us. How can we feed the horse everyday when we are driving the other way to work? At the end of this experience, it have left me feeling sorry for horses…
    I have gone back to my flyers and I do sponsor a horse & through a Registered Canadian Charity horse rescue place. If anyone in the lower mainland wants to give me a hand my flyers please contact me.

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