Report prompts recall of labelled horsemeat

Feb 20, 2013

Emaciated horse at a slaugther plant - SRF Kassensturz

Emaciated horse at a slaugther plant – SRF Kassensturz

In response to a nationally televised programme showing horrific conditions for horses whose meat ended up on Swiss dinner plates, several of the country’s supermarkets have pulled most labelled horsemeat products off their shelves.

The episode of the investigative programme “Kassensturz” on Swiss television showed footage of horses being beaten, neglected and transported for hours without food or water before being slaughtered.

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  2. Let’s KEEP WORKING! We have never had as good of an opportunity as now.. Take American Horses off EU plates.. Toxic.. then let’s help spread the word to stop it world wide.

  3. And this is why whistle-blowers must keep whistling. Awareness brings change, and many do NOT want that change. It’s a pretty fundamental shift. Glass walls, and voila. End of demand.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    It seems that Migros, supermarket chain in Switzerland, either did not see the DISTURBING FACTS that were telivised on Swiss TV, as they have stated they are satisfied with Canadas Horse slaughter industry, and they had inspected it in 2012. Any supermarket who regards the conditions in Bouvry feed lots, transport and inhumane slaughter of these Horses in Canada should surely be suspect of this supermarket and the Horse meat they are selling which is from U.S. Horses that have been administered a list of DRUGS that are CONFIRMED as a violation of E.U. regulations.

  5. Eva Schneider · ·

    I watched as they slaughter the horses and I can not sleep and I Can not eat -terrible.This people who kill can they sleep at night??????There is no one who will help stop that killing-coment wont

  6. It makes me sick to see a horse in that kind of conditiion. Once that horse had a loving family to take care of it only to be sold off to a kill buyer. It ends up like this. This is really a disgraceful.

  7. Mary Croft · ·

    This is so disturbing…I stopped eating meat a few years ago for health reasons, however it is the immorality of mistreating and slaughtering animals that convinces me to avoid all animal products.

  8. GASafeHorses · ·

    This white horse looks like my OTTB rescued 10 years ago! Brought tears to my eyes. Glad he’s with us not being pushed into a slaughterhouse! Wish I could do more. This would all end if people stopped eating meat and ate vegan.

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