Unconventional Meat

 The link below is from CJSW independent radio out of the University of Calgary.  The May 29/12 show ‘Spooning and Forking’ hosted by Naddine Madell-Morgan interviews Bill des Barres of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada(HWAC) and Dr. Martin Appelt of the CFIA  and extolls the virtues of eating horsemeat.  The show is about 40 minutes long, with Mr. des Barres on for the first 20 or so minutes followed by Dr. Appelt.

Next in line, Naddine interviews chef Shawn Greenwood, chef at Taste restaurant in Calgary who serves horsemeat. The entire show is a must listen to – there are so many errors being thrown out that it’s hard to know where to begin but here are a few among the many….Mr. des Barres insinuates that chemical euthanasia is thought to be cruel and that captive bolt and firearms are far more humane, that the equine feedlots in Alberta are such Edens of repose for slaughter bound horses.  


Dr. Appelt goes on to say that purpose-bred horses (mares) for the hormone replacement industry (Premarin) are used to treat human disease – repeat, disease.  (Yikes, Dr. Appelt! Menopause is not a disease!), that horses go through the same strict protocols as other red meat – yikes! Chef Greenwood goes on to say he serves horsemeat as it’s ‘trendy’ – and because it’s high in protein, pregnant women should eat it. Yowza!

All of this has, of course, been disproved in the various reports that the CHDC has put out over the past few years.



  1. 2fasthorses · ·

    Pure BULLSHIT! No more horse slaughter not now not ever!

  2. They all make me sick to my stomach, people will say and do anything to make a buck.

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