Equine Expo show wrap up – CHDC making a difference

Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo in Burlington, Ontario on June 8th, 9th, and 10th was a celebration of the horse!   The celebration highlighted the horse’s beauty, grace and talent to its strength, endurance, and partnership with us.  The industry this amazing animal has created was showcased in the Equine Market Tent from bug/pest control; saddles; apparel; education; health and wellness; nutrition; stable equipment to luxury cabinets.

Animal welfare was present from the view of the veterinarian and the Standardbred horse, but the vendor that by far got the most attention was The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. 

The show of interest and concern was apparent but the constant flow of people in the booth to the out- pouring of support by horse lovers.  

 From the tears of agony and distress over the slaughtering of the beloved horse, to the angry and outrage this industry causes, the CHDC empowered and educated many.  If I were to calculate statistics from my view of the weekend: 95% anti slaughter to 5% pro slaughter.    From the 5%, the majority were older men and cowboys and the women were breeders and cowgirls (so it tells us again, slaughter is all about business and their means of disposal).

I have two special highlights from the weekend.  (1) A young boy, maybe 10-12 years old, that researched around the globe the ugliness of horse slaughter (for Canada his educational tool was The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition website) and he presented this report to his classmates – all for the love of the horse and the desire to see an end to horse slaughter. 

 Following the same kind of highlight was a supporter of the CHDC who again put together a presentation for her classmates for the desire to education others and end horse slaughter.  To these two young strong horse warriors – horse welfare is so grateful to you for your commitment and effort.  It is so nice to be proud of our youth as they are the future for the horse.

 (2) Anthea Larke, Meadowlarke Stables,  and her dedicated family (which includes students and horses) who demonstrated to viewers that horses found at auction are productive souls that can go on to achieve ribbons and status, and can take their human companions to the show ring in competition with the best. 



 Each one of the horses in these photos is an OLEX save.

Anthea also brought along her wonderful picture board that shows some of the over 100 horses that she has saved from the kill buyers at the OLEX auction. 

Meadowlarke Stables board showing some of the over 100 horses they have rescued from the OLEX auction who were certain to go to slaughter


 These horses are much more than MEAT.

The weather was a challenge for most days due to the rain and then the scourging heat on the last day brought sunshine, sweat and thankfully people.  Yet, due to the low numbers in attendance over the weekend, support for Bill C-322 was an astonishing 250 signatures strong.  We would also like to thank those who graciously donated to the CHDC`s horse protection initiatives.   

The event was a huge success for horse welfare and awareness for the cause. 

I send a great big heartfelt thank you to all that made this weekend a success for the horses.  THANK YOU: Shelley Grainger; Loni Stewart, Deborah Mariano, Paula Hamilton, Tammy Savage and Anthea Larke along with the horses and students of Meadowlarke Stables.  

CHDC supporters Marie and Deborah

Our wonderful supporters who donated items for sale and raffle: Janet McClure; Callaway Feeds; Artist Lesley Harrison; Mary-Joe Figueira and Premium Equipment.   Thank you for your kindness!


“Kindness is universal.  It is a most precious part of existence and by choosing to exercise it or not, we make life heaven or hell for ourselves and our fellow beings“


  1. I also enjoyed reading this great news letter, there is hope for our upcoming generation.THANKS TO ALL who participated, wish i could have been there.

  2. Heather · ·

    What a great article and kudos to those young students who did the presentations. Hopefully our next generation will be much more kind and compassionate when it comes to animal ownership.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article & it gave me hope!


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