They Also Served

As we honour the fallen on November 11, let us also remember and honour the millions of horses and mules who gave their lives in wars across the globe. The CHDC has put together this poignant Remembrance Day video for the horses.  This is best viewed in full-screen.  Thank you for watching and remembering.


  1. Glenda Steinley · ·

    A very touching tribute.. They too gave their lives for our freedom and may we never forget the role they played in the battlefield. It is our turn to fight another man-made battle to save these magnificent animals from a cruel and horrible death in the slaughter houses. They never gave up on us and faithfully obeyed even though it led to many dying. Let us renew our efforts to end slaughterhouses, and abuse as our repayment for the centuries.of suffering these animals endured by mankind.

    I do not think Politicians will change, it is all about money and greed, but believe that we educate the (global) school children and start the change in what is acceptable on the dinner plate and what is not, follow some of the other successful campaigns to create change in opinions and habits. Perhaps than the future will be a brighter and better place for all animals but especially the horses.

  2. Jennifer Canfield · ·

    Good point.

  3. Very well done, thank you for creating this compelling video for Remembrance Day.

  4. They are still giving their lives, for racing, for greed, for feed! Flight herd creatures that could cure the worlds emotional pain. Most misunderstood and most deserving of all time.

    1. Jennifer Canfield · ·

      Well said!

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Too, too sad for words! What terrible times! Those poor creatures suffering so for stupid mankind. I am trying to find a white poppy. Once the 2nd world war veterans are gone I will not be commemorating stupidity.


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