CHDC’s Request for Financial Support for Horse Protection Iniatives Meets with Disinterest From Horse Associations and Federations

Goodbye Old ManOn November 11, 2013, the CHDC wrote a letter to Equine Canada, the provincial horse federations, breed and racing associations, as well as Ontario government agencies and Equine Guelph.

The letter provided information on our Horse Protection Initiatives (HPI) program, and asked for collaboration and support in order to expand the HPI program which provides a euthanasia subsidy and an adoption rebate.  The CHDC implemented HPI a few years ago but it remains a small program due to limited funding.  For it to expand and be an effective national program, major funding is needed.

The plan is to expand HPI’s euthanasia assistance and adoption rebate programs to include gelding clinics and equine training.

However, the response to our letter was a disappointing, resounding thud – with the exception of one group who enquired how we could provide them funding – no group has responded.

These associations and federations purport to be there for their members and the members’ horses.  Some may have welfare committees, but are they making a difference in the equine community?  None have effective programs that encourage responsible horse ownership and support horse rescues.

Attached is the letter we sent.

We are suggesting that you ask these organizations why they don’t wish to discuss or support an effective Horse Protection Initiatives program that could include all organizations and truly make a difference for horses.


  1. Laureen Godin · ·

    These organizations are shameful. They take and take and take from the horse, but they won’t do anything to give in return. I will not register my horses with any breeding associations or pay any fees to these organizations. No thanks. It is not too surprising that they are not responding.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The same thing should be asked of the Quarter Horse Asso in the US that takes breeders money for the registry of foals. I live here and I doubt they would be interested at all. They like to use their cash to pay off the politicians in Washington DC to never pass any bill that stops US horses
    sent across both borders for slaughter.

  3. Glenda · ·

    Rather than promptly renew my membership with the breed organization I belong with, will suggest that if they will take no financial interest in the future wellbeing of the horses registered with them, than perhaps the members would be better paying their individual memberships to CHDC. We all will have horses that are not “wanted” or usuable and in my case, they may even outlive me, but slaughter should never be an option.

    1. Heather · ·

      well done Glenda…that should get a response

  4. Marie · ·

    Such beautiful words UMBRELLA OF PROTECTION – if only we could work together! “The CHDC is often asked how we would care for the unwanted and homeless horses when the slaughter option is no longer available. The answer is we create programs and initiatives to assist the excess horse – we create an umbrella of protection.”

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