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Confirmed: Horse Meat Found In Ground Meat Products Sold On The U.S. Commercial Market

From our friends at the Equine Welfare Alliance & The Wild Horse Freedom Federation: A paper published in May by Chapman University reveals that 10 of 48 meat samples were labelled incorrectly.  Two of these samples included horsemeat. Instances of mislabeling represent cases of food fraud, which may be a result of factors such as […]

Tighter controls needed on horse meat imports

Posted by Laura Rayner 76.80pc on March 22, 2013 It has been revealed that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat originating from the United States, which may be tained with banned veterinary drugs, are being imported into Europe for human consumption.  As there are no operating slaughter plants for horses in the USA, growing numbers of […]

MoMA Café Chef To Serve Illegal, Tainted Horse Meat?

Vickery Eckhoff, Contributor Bad news may be good publicity, but not when you’re opening a restaurant, as Hugue Dufour, chef and co-owner of M. Wells Dinette learned when he announced he’d be putting horse meat tartare on the menu: http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2012/10/03/moma-cafe-chef-to-serve-illegal-tainted-horse-meat/