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Racetrack Drugs Put Europe Off U.S. Horsemeat

By Joe Drape Published December 8, 2012 – New York Times PARIS – For decades, American horses, many of them retired or damaged racehorses, have been shipped to Canada and Mexico, where it is legal to slaughter horses, and then processed and sold for consumption in Europe and beyond. Lately, however, European food safety officials […]

Ontario racehorses slaughtered for meat – vet says

An equine veterinarian near Windsor, Ont., says thousands of horses have been slaughtered for meat in the wake of Ontario’s decision to end the Slots at Racetracks Program. Mark Biederman estimates 50 per cent of the province’s nearly 4,000 broodmares have been or will be slaughtered. Please view the complete article at the CBC

CTV London, Ontario story of Standardbred broodmares shipped for meat

CTV London, Ontario, ran a story last week about three older Standardbred broodmares whose owner issued an order to have them shipped to the OLEX auction “for meat”.