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Ministry of Justice Unable to Administer Justice In Own Back Yard

In recent years we appear to be witnessing more governmental whitewashing, smokescreens, and doublespeak than possibly at any other time in Canadian history.  Many voters in our country have expressed frustration at the lack of credibility exhibited by the Conservative government, and in all likelihood will opt for change. The following e-mail string is testimony […]

CFIA Alleged To Be Suffering From “Morale” Issues In Alberta

In an article by Kelsey Johnson dated Apr 24, 2015,  originally appearing behind a paywall at Ipolitics.ca, but also found here,  it is asserted that, due to cutbacks in Alberta,  morale is suffering. CFIA inspector: Cutbacks in Alberta are real, and ‘morale is in the toilet’  “Despite repeated denials from federal officials, including Health Minister […]

Letter from The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health

In May of 2010, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Spruce Grove and current Minister of Health,  expressed concern about the consumption of horsemeat in a letter to a Director with the CHDC. Please feel free to use this letter to promote discussion with your own MP or to include with […]