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Spate Of Horsemeat Recalls For First Quarter 2017 – Veterinary Drugs and Traceability Still Issues in Canada And Abroad

Coming on the heels of an announcement that Les Viandes de la Petite Nation slaughter plant in Saint-André-Avellin PQ has temporarily closed due to the non-availability of horses to slaughter, the CHDC has recently been following several recalls of horsemeat/carcasses in several countries.  The recalls have been issued for horse products from Canada, Denmark, and […]

Findings Of Abuse In Canadian Horse Slaughter Industry After Two Year Investigation by Animals’ Angels

Animals’ Angels has recently completed comprehensive two-year investigation (see the press release here) into the horse slaughter industry in Canada for the purpose of informing EU decision-makers that further restrictions are needed on the importation of horse meat from Canada.  From the online investigation: “Almost every single kill buyer currently providing horses to the Canadian […]

CFIA Enforcement And Investigation Services Tells Horse Rescuer Nolet That Treating Injured Feral Horse “Not Lawful”

Further to the issue of the CFIA targeting a compassionate horse rescuer who followed logical instincts regarding animal welfare, we are now in possession of the letter that the agency sent to Theresa Nolet.  For legal reasons, names of individuals have been blacked out, but it is easy to see how the issue has been […]

Traces of horse drug found in British beef

Fromt the New York Times By STEPHEN CASTLE Published: April 10, 2013 LONDON — After disappearing briefly from public view, the scandal over horse meat sold as beef re-emerged on Wednesday with an alert over 50,000 tons of meat sold across Europe and an earlier recall of a product in Britain containing a veterinary drug […]

Opinion Blog – A Response to No Government Response

The Silence is Deafening by Shelley Grainger Why is it when the Canadian government and horse agriculture (ie. slaughter) industry is called upon for answers, their silence is the only thing heard? When presented with evidence of lies, deceit and corruption, as brought forward in the Toronto Star’s March 30th Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to […]

Tighter controls needed on horse meat imports

Posted by Laura Rayner 76.80pc on March 22, 2013 It has been revealed that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat originating from the United States, which may be tained with banned veterinary drugs, are being imported into Europe for human consumption.  As there are no operating slaughter plants for horses in the USA, growing numbers of […]

Dr. Oz on the horsemeat scandal

Dr. Oz recently discussed the horsemeat scandal.

Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund & Animals’ Angels release important reports on North America’s slaughter industry

Several months ago, the CHDC was privileged to provide video evidence and other information to Tierschutzbund/Animal Welfare Foundation (Switzerland) and Animals’ Angels (USA), in order to assist them with compiling their hard-hitting, recently released investigative report focusing on slaughter-bound horses from the US and Canada. Tierschutzbund has released their video report which was broadcast on […]

CHDC Reposts “Proof of CFIA Failure”, Phenylbutazone Positive Horse Sent to Slaughter and Through the Food Chain

As the world, and especially the horse world, watches as the horsemeat scandal unfolds in Europe and the U.K., the CHDC is reposting “Proof of CFIA Failure“, the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned due to […]

Horsemeat Scandal Continues to Spread Across Europe and Potentially Worldwide

Since horsemeat has been found in beef burgers and lasagna in the UK, the horsemeat scandal across Europe continues to grow, with news coverage across the world, including Canada’s Globe & Mail.  Legal action is expected across Europe, as the UK’s Environment Secretary says contamination is a “straight case of fraud“.  In this Guardian.co.uk report, Environment Secretary […]