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Slaughter or starvation

By Rene Romo / Journal South Reporter on Sun, Jun 16, 2013 LAS CRUCES – When Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed legislation in late March lifting that state’s 50-year-ban on slaughtering horses and exporting their meat, she framed the measure as a way to provide a humane alternative to the fate she argued awaits unwanted […]

Vets call for action in new horsemeat scandal

Feb 24, 2013 – 13:02 Swiss veterinary authorities say they will take action to prevent the import of horsemeat produced under cruel conditions. The statement comes after the broadcasting of footage showing foreign horses being mistreated prior to their slaughter. Please continue reading here.

Report prompts recall of labelled horsemeat

Feb 20, 2013 In response to a nationally televised programme showing horrific conditions for horses whose meat ended up on Swiss dinner plates, several of the country’s supermarkets have pulled most labelled horsemeat products off their shelves. The episode of the investigative programme “Kassensturz” on Swiss television showed footage of horses being beaten, neglected and […]