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Final 2017 Canadian Horse Slaughter Numbers Show Substantial Decline Over 2016

For once horse supporters have something to cheer about. The final statistics for 2017 show a dramatic decline in the number of horses slaughtered in Canada. Overall, the number of horses killed in Canadian slaughter houses is down by 38%, a substantial number. Even the number of draft horses shipped to Japan for slaughter has […]

LPN Slaughter plant temporary closure

The newspaper La Petite Nation announced the temporary closing of Les Viandes de la Petite Nation (LPN) slaughter plant in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec.  The slaughterhouse was at the centre of the 2011 Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s investigation entitled ‘Pasture to Plate‘ that showed horrific abuse during the stunning process, the predatory nature of the slaughter industry from auction […]

CHDC Completes 4th ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Late Stage Pregnant Mares Shipped Again

Once again we read that late-term mares were shipped and no one flagged them in an obvious state of pregnancy.  One would assume that the CFIA inspectors and the veterinarian on staff at LPN would be sufficiently familiar with horse physiology to recognize a late term pregnant mare and, at the minimum, flag these mares […]

CHDC Completes 3rd ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Horse Suffering Revealed Again

This extract from the CHDC’s ATI request from LPN concerns a 25 year-old Percheron mare who had fallen down in a trailer on the 401 in Toronto en route to the LPN plant in June 2011. The driver continued on to LPN knowing the mare was down causing her to endure pain and suffering for […]

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Releases Access to Information documents on slaughter plant

During the next few months, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) will be releasing information obtained from Canada’s Access to Information Act.  It is important to note that information requested under this Act is neither complete nor timely.   Contrarily, the information requested and received contained pages of blacked out and/or blocked names and documents […]


From time to time, the investigative team of the CHDC examines the extensive archive of footage that we’ve received over the years from various slaughterhouses. We’d like to draw your attention to footage captured in July 2011 at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation.  In the photographic evidence was a single EID for one horse, a mare. This […]