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After A History Of Serious Issues, KML Meat Processors Temporarily Shut Down For Ineffective Stunning Of Animals

Horse slaughter plant, KML Meat Processors Ltd. in Westwold, B.C., has certainly experienced its share of problems in the last few years.  Most recently,  it has had its licence to operate suspended effective March 23, 2017. The suspension was related to the ineffective stunning of slaughter animals prior to slaughter. On March 29, 2017, the […]

Westwold slaughter plant protest draws good turnout

Between 50 and 70 people took time from their busy lives to speak out for the horses in Westwold, BC. You can read about the protest here and see video from the protest here. The Globe and mail posted an article on the protest which you can read here. And more media coverage here.

Fifth horse slaughter plant opens in Westwold, British Columbia

The CHDC has learned today that a once listed federally registered horse slaughter plant in BC has re-opened under a new name.  KML Meat Processors Ltd. in Westwold, BC is now the fifth horse slaughter plant operating in Canada. This plant was once listed under the name Medallion Meats, but that business closed and now […]