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LPN Slaughter plant temporary closure

The newspaper La Petite Nation announced the temporary closing of Les Viandes de la Petite Nation (LPN) slaughter plant in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec.  The slaughterhouse was at the centre of the 2011 Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s investigation entitled ‘Pasture to Plate‘ that showed horrific abuse during the stunning process, the predatory nature of the slaughter industry from auction […]

Kill Pen, the movie, released for download

  Sila Productions film, Kill Pen, has been released for download only at this time.  This film gives an excellent backgrounder into the horse slaughter trade in the U.S. where horses are regularly shipped to Canada for slaughter. The film interviews well-known equine advocates as well as those who support horse slaughter. This film is […]

Rescue Stories: Follow-Up On Dolly And Crumpet – Saved At Dawson’s Creek Auction

This is a follow-up to a previous blog post where  CHDC supporter Patti wrote in detail about the acquisition of a mare and foal from the Dawson’s Creek Auction last year.  Patti is also known to CHDC supporters as the host of the “Tea in the Forest With Horses” fundraiser held in May 2015.  Dolly […]

A Slice Of Reality About Horse Auctions….

The September 19th Valley Auction in Armstrong British Columbia was a success by all accounts – reportedly ALL horses found homes and no horses went to kill buyers.  Many rescuers came home with multiple horses and this is merely one account of a very lucky mare (and foal!) who was purchased merely ONE DAY before […]

Upcoming Billings Horse Sale – July 27 – 28

Just a staggering number of horses, including ‘loose horses’ being sold at this auction.  They have this to say on their web site: “The stats are in!   We sold 9,126 head in 2012 – an average of 830 head per sale! The breakdown looks like this: 4,233 GELDINGS; 3,362 MARES; 224 MULES; 393 STALLIONS; and […]

SPCA explains why seized horses sent to auction

Global TV CALGARY- The Alberta SPCA is explaining why dozens of seized horses were sent to a recent livestock auction in High River, causing outrage. The organization seized nearly 60 starving horses from a farm near Lethbridge back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to be euthanized. 29 were […]

Community outraged after horses seized by SPCA put up for auction

From Global Calgary CALGARY- Two dozen horses have been put up for sale at a livestock auction in High River, after nearly 60 neglected and malnourished animals were seized from a southern Alberta farm.  The Alberta SPCA seized the starving horses back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to […]