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Season’s Greetings From The CHDC

As the Year of the Horse comes to a close, the CHDC Directors would once again like to extend our very Best Wishes/Meilleurs Voeux to everyone.  Keep safe and be kind to each other as you celebrate with family and friends.  May you find Joy, Peace and Love throughout the season and into the new […]

The CHDC Applauds Recent Developments in the EU Concerning North American Horsemeat Imports

The CHDC is excited to hear confirmation of recent rumours that the European Union (EU) is close to imposing a ban on the import of horsemeat from Mexico.  Click here for the audio presentation made in the EU.  As well, we are pleased to hear that stricter conditions on Equine Information Document (EID) rules will soon apply […]

Conference Board of Canada Rates Canada’s Food System As #1

Canada’s food safety system has been under fire ever since a listeriosis outbreak killed 23 people in 2008 and an E. coli contamination in 2012 that led to the largest meat recall in Canadian history. U.S. auditors found enough deficiencies in Canada’s food safety system in 2012 to give it an “adequate” rating, the lowest […]

Skipper’s Story – A Sick Belgian Horse Who Refused To Get On the Trailer to Slaughter

Skipper’s story (reprinted with permission from Coast to Coast Draft Horse Connection) This is Skipper – Skipper refused to get on the trailer to the slaughterhouse. We did not know much about him, except that he was smart… smart enough not to get on the trailer. With the help of a network of awesome folks […]

Canada’s Parliament Considers Bill Limiting Horse Slaughter

From Food Safety News BY NEWS DESK | APRIL 16, 2014 The most recent ban on equine inspections by USDA meat inspectors has moved the horse slaughter debate up to Canada’s House of Commons. A Member of Parliament (MP) from southeastern British Columbia hopes that a final hour of debate next month can persuade the country’s federal lawmakers […]

Equine Canada – Slaughter Promoters?

In 2010, Equine Canada released a study on the horse industry in Canada.  Some facts that came out of it are that the live horse industry contributes 375,248 full-time jobs to the economy and the total capital investment in the pleasure riding sector generates$3,727,568,223 to the economy, much more than the minute $90 Million that the slaughter industry […]

Misguided Agriculture Critic Sticks Hoof in Mouth

NDP Agriculture Critic, MP Malcolm Allen, lost a lot of credibility on March 31/14 during a House debate on Bill C-571. Except, of course, amongst Conservatives.  That party is teeming with Mindless Minions who seem to tremble in fear at upsetting the status quo. What stares them in the face, even if it’s a serious […]

Equine Canada Writes Surprisingly Uninformed Letter to Bill C-571 Author – Relies on Debunked GAO Report

For the first time,  the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is revealing the content of a letter sent from Equine Canada to MP Alex Atamanenko,  author of the Bill C571,  which was recently read in the House of Commons. In it,  the author of the letter,  EC President Al Patterson,  relies on the now infamous GAO […]

CHDC Completes 4th ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Late Stage Pregnant Mares Shipped Again

Once again we read that late-term mares were shipped and no one flagged them in an obvious state of pregnancy.  One would assume that the CFIA inspectors and the veterinarian on staff at LPN would be sufficiently familiar with horse physiology to recognize a late term pregnant mare and, at the minimum, flag these mares […]

Letter from The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health

In May of 2010, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Spruce Grove and current Minister of Health,  expressed concern about the consumption of horsemeat in a letter to a Director with the CHDC. Please feel free to use this letter to promote discussion with your own MP or to include with […]