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Skipper’s Story – A Sick Belgian Horse Who Refused To Get On the Trailer to Slaughter

Skipper’s story (reprinted with permission from Coast to Coast Draft Horse Connection) This is Skipper – Skipper refused to get on the trailer to the slaughterhouse. We did not know much about him, except that he was smart… smart enough not to get on the trailer. With the help of a network of awesome folks […]

Misguided Agriculture Critic Sticks Hoof in Mouth

NDP Agriculture Critic, MP Malcolm Allen, lost a lot of credibility on March 31/14 during a House debate on Bill C-571. Except, of course, amongst Conservatives.  That party is teeming with Mindless Minions who seem to tremble in fear at upsetting the status quo. What stares them in the face, even if it’s a serious […]

From The Archives……Claude Bouvry Lobbies MPs and Senators Under Pressure From Anti-Slaughter Bill

Attached is an older letter penned by Claude Bouvry back in 2011.  We were searching through some of our older documentation and felt that it needed to be published and critiqued.  You will note that he refers to the old Bill C-544,  which was a pre-requisite to Bill C-322 (and now Bill C-571).  The letter comes on […]

Chevideco’s Diabolical Plan to Slaughter 100,000 Belgian Horses

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau Thousands of horses are slaughtered in Belgium each year.  Not all these horses were raised in that country either – many were transported across the borders from the Netherlands and France for slaughter.  While horsemeat is readily available in Belgium, this  doesn’t necessarily translate into across-the-board social acceptance of eating horses, […]

Horsemeat scandal sparks rise in sales of vegetarian alternatives

Contrary to the media claiming that more people are eating dangerous horsemeat, this came in from the UK: Quorn, the UK’s biggest vegetarian ready-meal brand, is among firms reporting sales growth in February. Britons are increasingly turning to vegetarian alternatives amid concerns sparked by the horsemeat scandal, according to food producers. Quorn, the UK’s biggest […]

Vets call for action in new horsemeat scandal

Feb 24, 2013 – 13:02 Swiss veterinary authorities say they will take action to prevent the import of horsemeat produced under cruel conditions. The statement comes after the broadcasting of footage showing foreign horses being mistreated prior to their slaughter. Please continue reading here.

Frozen burger sales plummet and IKEA drawn into the horsemeat scandal

While many journalists have jumped on the “curious meat eaters seek out horse meat” stories, here’s the real situation – burger patties sales in the UK are down 43%. Meantime, even IKEA’s swedish meatballs have been drawn into the horsemeat scandal, that continues to unfold.  The scandal first erupted last month after Irish authorities tested suspiciously […]

Horse Meat Scandal Having a Ripple Effect in Alberta

According to an Alberta kill buyer, “the pounds of meat we’re shipping to Europe has been cut in half.”  Bruce Flewelling, who sells horses for slaughter, said he was told last week by the facility he sends his animals to that it couldn’t accept any for the time being.  Flewelling is known to sell to Bouvry […]

Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund & Animals’ Angels release important reports on North America’s slaughter industry

Several months ago, the CHDC was privileged to provide video evidence and other information to Tierschutzbund/Animal Welfare Foundation (Switzerland) and Animals’ Angels (USA), in order to assist them with compiling their hard-hitting, recently released investigative report focusing on slaughter-bound horses from the US and Canada. Tierschutzbund has released their video report which was broadcast on […]

CHDC Reposts “Proof of CFIA Failure”, Phenylbutazone Positive Horse Sent to Slaughter and Through the Food Chain

As the world, and especially the horse world, watches as the horsemeat scandal unfolds in Europe and the U.K., the CHDC is reposting “Proof of CFIA Failure“, the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned due to […]