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Final 2017 Canadian Horse Slaughter Numbers Show Substantial Decline Over 2016

For once horse supporters have something to cheer about. The final statistics for 2017 show a dramatic decline in the number of horses slaughtered in Canada. Overall, the number of horses killed in Canadian slaughter houses is down by 38%, a substantial number. Even the number of draft horses shipped to Japan for slaughter has […]

Updated CHDC Flyer Now Available for Downloading

Please note that our flyer has been updated with the latest horse slaughter statistics.  Please click here to download your copy for distribution.

Updated Canadian Slaughter stats

Please click on image for a full view of stats current to the end of March.  The table on the left shows the total number of horses killed in Canadian slaughterhouses.  The right-hand table shows the number of horses brought in from the U.S. for slaughter. Keep in mind, of course, that each number is […]