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British Columbia Notary Public And CHDC Supporter Featured With Her Horses In “The Scrivener”

Notary Public Patti Thomson’s article about adopting and later training 3 horses from the Dawson Creek auction has been published in the winter 2017 edition of The Scrivener magazine for the Society of Notaries Public in British Columbia.  As range horses, Patti’s  mare, foal,  and another in utero,  were very much at risk of being […]

Introducing….The International Horse Registry

From time to time the CHDC passes along information or services that may be of interest to our supporters.  The International Horse Registry offers registration of your horse(s) along with physical identification that will be stored in a database in the event of an emergency such as the theft or a horse or a localized […]

Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary Festival – August 2016

On Saturday and Sunday, August 20th -21st, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary held their 2nd summer festival in order that the public could be entertained and acquainted with them.  Dog Tales, a not-for-profit rescue, sits on fifty acres in the rolling landscape of King City, Ontario and is the dream of owners, husband and wife […]

The Dawson Creek Horse Auction – A Supporter’s First-Person Account

Hubby and I had been thinking about finding a new mare since the passing of our 37 year old a few months ago. Our senior Percheron draft horses were looking a bit down, and after reading Joe Camp’s book – The Soul of a Horse – I was thinking that the herd might be happier […]

Live in British Columbia? Preparedness Links And Resources for Emergency Animal Evacuation Due To Wildfires

There are currently more than 250 forest fires burning in British Columbia, with new fires being reported each week. At the time of writing, there are at least 10 evacuation alerts in effect across the province, and costs to fight the fires could exceed $400 million by the end of the season. The risk of […]

Nova, Honeycomb, and Flame – Adoption Success Stories From Free Spirit Sanctuary

The braying of donkeys early this morning heralded the arrival of a very special colt. Seven months ago, his mama, Nova, was in obvious distress in an auction mart pen awaiting transport to the slaughterhouse in Fort McLeod, Alberta. She had a large udder and initially it was suspected that she was in labour. Free […]

Equine Therapy Programs Continue To Offer Second Careers For Horses

Horse facilitated programs to aid persons with PTSD and other physical or mental health initiatives are on the increase. The people and groups that offer these services are proving that horses can utilize a second career without being considered “useless” after their first career is over. Support is provided to participants using the interaction with […]

Numerous Horses Being Offered for Sale on Siksika Nation Reserve

Numerous horses and yearlings available at this dispersal sale.  Siksika is where  2 horses drowned during the floods in June of this year. Typically, horses on the reserves are sent to auction or straight to slaughter when downsizing (or $) is needed, so at least these people are trying to find homes first. http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-pets-livestock-for-sale-Horses-For-Sale-W0QQAdIdZ521112888

The Business of Broker-Owned Horses

Conestoga Woman Saves Horse From Slaughter After Being Contacted by “Broker Program” He is a big black beautiful horse. Or at least he was. Brownstone, nicknamed Brownie, moves around his stall with a nervousness that tells his story even better than the cuts, bites, kicks and infection he suffers from, or his jutting hip bones […]

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue course in Toronto area July 20 – 21

The Adjala-Tosorontio Fire Department is holding a technical large animal emergency rescue (TLAER) course on July 20 and 21. The instructor, Dr. Rebecca Giminez, is a world authority on large animal rescue and will be coming to Ontario from the US for this 2-day awareness-level course. In attendance will be vets, techs, animal control officers, […]