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New CHDC video

This video is being released this Christmas to remember the betrayed ones.  The previously unreleased footage was taken just prior to Christmas 2010.  In stark contrast to what should be a time of peace and goodwill, these horses’ final days of betrayal are shown. Please remember them and all of the other equidae who languish […]

Canada’s Live Exports of Horses for Slaughter – Do Canadians Care

From Heather Clemenceau’s excellent blog: Written By:  Terry Stanislow THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE RANT. IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO READ THIS, PLEASE TAKE THE EXTRA THREE SECONDS AT THE END TO REGISTER YOUR RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION. This video shows Canadian horses – who have been bred and fed for this purpose – being […]

Horse Meat Scandal Having a Ripple Effect in Alberta

According to an Alberta kill buyer, “the pounds of meat we’re shipping to Europe has been cut in half.”  Bruce Flewelling, who sells horses for slaughter, said he was told last week by the facility he sends his animals to that it couldn’t accept any for the time being.  Flewelling is known to sell to Bouvry […]