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The Hidden Horses at a Rural Auction

The following is a recounting of a recent experience at an auction in Ontario,  as seen through the eyes of a supporter: It’s 2:30pm.  The horses go through the auction ring sometime around 3:30, but exactly when the horses are put through depends on the number of animals at the sales barn.   I drive up […]

Short Story – Nature’s Way by Joel Reiff

Here’s another original short story written by Joel Reiff – it’s a fictional accounting of the writer’s experience at a Colorado auction.  Please be advised that this story contains adult themes.  This story doesn’t qualify for the CHDC’s Short Story Contest since the submissions must be made by Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, […]

OLEX breed numbers – June 11, 2013

In addition to the cold numbers that are here, the following are “from the heart” observations of those great advocates who courageously attend the auction every week. OLEX Report for TUESDAY, June 11, 2013 ____________________________________________________ WE DO OUR BEST TO PRESENT AN ACCURATE REPORT EACH WEEK. There is a lot going on each week, and […]

Horse auction this weekend – Claremont, Ontario

Community outraged after horses seized by SPCA put up for auction

From Global Calgary CALGARY- Two dozen horses have been put up for sale at a livestock auction in High River, after nearly 60 neglected and malnourished animals were seized from a southern Alberta farm.  The Alberta SPCA seized the starving horses back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to […]

Journey to the slaughterhouse

Journey to the slaughterhouse  A Toronto Star investigation has found that Canada’s food inspection system has serious flaws when dealing with the thousands of racehorses sent to slaughter every year that end up on tables in Europe, Asia and even Toronto. The full story can be seen here.