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CHDC Reposts “Proof of CFIA Failure”, Phenylbutazone Positive Horse Sent to Slaughter and Through the Food Chain

As the world, and especially the horse world, watches as the horsemeat scandal unfolds in Europe and the U.K., the CHDC is reposting “Proof of CFIA Failure“, the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned due to […]

Horsemeat Scandal Continues to Spread Across Europe and Potentially Worldwide

Since horsemeat has been found in beef burgers and lasagna in the UK, the horsemeat scandal across Europe continues to grow, with news coverage across the world, including Canada’s Globe & Mail.  Legal action is expected across Europe, as the UK’s Environment Secretary says contamination is a “straight case of fraud“.  In this Guardian.co.uk report, Environment Secretary […]

Ag Gag Bills in U.S. Threaten Animals, the Environment, Human Health and Rights

Feb. 5, 2013 Update:  ABC News reports in Turn Off That Camera! Animal Cruelty Exposes Being Blocked  WARNING:  Disturbing Footage U.S. House Bill 126, introduced by pro horse slaughter advocate Rep. Sue Walllis, is advancing in Wyoming.  The Ag Gag bill would pave the way to punish activists who secretly videotape animal cruelty at farms. With this bill, […]