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LPN Slaughter plant temporary closure

The newspaper La Petite Nation announced the temporary closing of Les Viandes de la Petite Nation (LPN) slaughter plant in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec.  The slaughterhouse was at the centre of the 2011 Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s investigation entitled ‘Pasture to Plate‘ that showed horrific abuse during the stunning process, the predatory nature of the slaughter industry from auction […]

Slaughter or starvation

By Rene Romo / Journal South Reporter on Sun, Jun 16, 2013 LAS CRUCES – When Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed legislation in late March lifting that state’s 50-year-ban on slaughtering horses and exporting their meat, she framed the measure as a way to provide a humane alternative to the fate she argued awaits unwanted […]

Canadians see horse sales lag in wake of European scandal

From:  The Western Producer – Barb Glen – March 11, 2013 The price for slaughter horses in Alberta has been cut in half by recent discoveries in Europe that beef has been combined with horsemeat in some European plants and products. Bruce Flewelling, an auctioneer who buys and sells horses for slaughter, said prices are […]

Tighter controls needed on horse meat imports

Posted by Laura Rayner 76.80pc on March 22, 2013 It has been revealed that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat originating from the United States, which may be tained with banned veterinary drugs, are being imported into Europe for human consumption.  As there are no operating slaughter plants for horses in the USA, growing numbers of […]

Pro-Slaughter Group Attempts to Cash In on Horse Traceability Program While Canada Falters on its Deadline

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) Reports on Canada’s Equine Traceability Program Introduction Canada’s federal government and national livestock producer organizations have created the Canadian Livestock Identification Agency.  Equine Canada was responsible for developing an equine-specific program (CanEQUID) to satisfy federal government requirements for identification and traceability for equines, and was represented on the Board of Directors. This paper addresses […]