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Canada’s Parliament Considers Bill Limiting Horse Slaughter

From Food Safety News BY NEWS DESK | APRIL 16, 2014 The most recent ban on equine inspections by USDA meat inspectors has moved the horse slaughter debate up to Canada’s House of Commons. A Member of Parliament (MP) from southeastern British Columbia hopes that a final hour of debate next month can persuade the country’s federal lawmakers […]

Letter from The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health

In May of 2010, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Spruce Grove and current Minister of Health,  expressed concern about the consumption of horsemeat in a letter to a Director with the CHDC. Please feel free to use this letter to promote discussion with your own MP or to include with […]

Show your support for Bill C-322 – Summer 2013 Petitions, Pins and Draw Campaign!

Just a reminder that the upcoming fall Parliament session is coming.  Our petition campaign is going really well but the more names we can submit to Parliament, the better for the horses.  Don’t forget we have great promotions for petitions with 25+ signatures on them! Click on image for details. Note:  Only the petition forms […]

Show your support for Bill C-322 – Summer 2013 Petitions, Pins and Draw Campaign!

The CHDC is excited to announce our 3rd “Petition, Pin and Draw” promotion for summer 2013! Click on image for details. Note:  Only the petition forms in the document are acceptable in Parliament.  Thanks!  Please note that those petitions received after the closing deadline for our 2nd April draw will be entered into this draw. […]

Report prompts recall of labelled horsemeat

Feb 20, 2013 In response to a nationally televised programme showing horrific conditions for horses whose meat ended up on Swiss dinner plates, several of the country’s supermarkets have pulled most labelled horsemeat products off their shelves. The episode of the investigative programme “Kassensturz” on Swiss television showed footage of horses being beaten, neglected and […]

The shady trade in American horsemeat

Europeans are eating American horses – but should they? by Jack Rodolico Ken Terpenning of Lexington, Kentucky has owned over two-dozen racehorses.  But one in particular made a big impression. “Silky Shark was everything you’d want in a racehorse,” says Terpenning.  “He was vibrant, fiery, a very happy horse.  On the racetrack, he was a […]

County considering ban on slaughter of horses

A Washington State County Councilman wants to ensure that slaughterhouses can’t open there after changes to policy. By Noah Haglund, Herald Writer EVERETT – Slaughtering horses for human consumption could become illegal in Snohomish County, if a proposed ban passes later this month. No horse slaughterhouses have legally operated anywhere in the United States for […]

MoMA Café Chef To Serve Illegal, Tainted Horse Meat?

Vickery Eckhoff, Contributor Bad news may be good publicity, but not when you’re opening a restaurant, as Hugue Dufour, chef and co-owner of M. Wells Dinette learned when he announced he’d be putting horse meat tartare on the menu: http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2012/10/03/moma-cafe-chef-to-serve-illegal-tainted-horse-meat/